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Whether it is hiking, birding, or enjoying the variety of plants and animals, The Nature Conservancy hopes everyone has taken time to enjoy our Shivering Sands Preserve.

Another year is wrapping up – here are a few conservations highlights that have taken place in 2016 at our Shivering Sands and other Door Peninsula and Northeast Wisconsin natural areas:

· Shivering Sands Preserve was enjoyed by many during this year’s Festival of Nature and The Clearing Folk School events.

· Over 100 new acres were added to our Door Peninsula protected areas in 2016!

· We had another successful year of removing terrestrial invasive plants such as Japanese barberry, dame’s rocket, honeysuckle and hound’s tongue and forget-me-nots. Likewise, our ongoing efforts in the education and removal of Phragmites has continued to advance, with the numerous municipalities and townships implementing control plans

· For the second year in a row, the Kangaroo Lake Association, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and partially funded by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, placed “Fish Sticks” in Kangaroo Lake to provide fish habitat and reduce shoreline erosion.

· Working with Congressman Reid Ribble’s staff, we are partnering with various conservation and agriculture resources to ‘Save the Bay’; a proactive approach to addressing the concerns surrounding our surface and ground water issues in northeast Wisconsin.

We’re pleased to be a member of the Glidden Drive Association and look forward to meeting and working with Shivering Sands Preserve neighbors in the future. Should you have any questions about The Nature Conservancy's Door Peninsula project, please call us at (920) 743-8695 or stop by our office, located at 242 Michigan Street, B103 in Sturgeon Bay. For additional information about The Nature Conservancy in Door Peninsula, please check out our website


Nicole Van Helden, Director of Conservation

Mike Grimm, Conservation Ecologist

Kari Hagenow, Door Peninsula Land Steward

Sandie Custer, Project Assistant