Is Your Land a Designated Wetland?

Is Your Land A Designated Wetland?

One Member's Experience

As the county and townships change the rules on what is a wetland are the landowners notified--NO--is the Assessor's office notified--(well "they have access to the maps on the computer" but do they do that, probably not).

So the back half of the four lots I bought years ago (which I have paid full assessed taxes on) are now designated as wetlands. After talking with several county offices, the county treasurer, a wetland determinator, a surveyor and the assessor's office here is what you do to determine if you could get the assessment reduced. Have a surveyor take your plot map (or have your property surveyed) and ask the surveyor to mark the map with the area that is now considered wetlands. A good surveyor will do this for you even though he/she may not be a wetland determinator. Call the assessor's office and tell them you are submitting your "wetland" map for an assessment review.

In my case the back two lots were determined to be wetlands and the assessor reduced the assessment by one third (1/3). That can add up to several thousand dollars in a hurry.


Now all I have to do is get a driveway access to the "upland area" which would be a good building site on the front lots but that is another whole different story. Will keep you posted.

Jim Fox (4112)