About GDA

The Glidden Drive Association (GDA) has been in existence for over 50 years. It is an association of the property and homeowners that work together on a volunteer basis to protect the property values, complete projects for the betterment of the neighborhood community and promote and advance the interests of the property owners. It operates with a board of directors and officers. The board meets quarterly. If you have property fronting on Glidden Drive in Door County, Wisconsin you are eligible to be a member of GDA.

An annual meeting every summer offers members an opportunity to meet others and have a voice in the community. Immediately following is the annual picnic.

The website is the preferred method of disseminating information to the membership. We will also occasionally send out emails. Annually, a directory of names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses is mailed to the membership. In order to have the most accurate information, we ask that you fill out the online form each year. Scheduled social events are offered year round. Additional benefits include group pricing on propane. For details on the Propane Program "click here." The membership also owns the private lanes along the drive for everyone's use.

Glidden Drive is biologically the most diverse of Wisconsin's 117 Rustic Roads. It has 13 Lake Michigan beach accesses. Five streams are on Glidden Drive: Shivering Sands Creek (the most famous-historic in Door County), Lily Bay Creek, Fisher Creek, Vernal Creek (intermittent) and Underground Creek with Swallets. A public boat ramp at Lily Bay was historically a commercial freight dock. Glidden Drive skirts the largest natural area in Door County, the Shivering Sands Wetland Complex.

The residents on ‘the drive’ are proud of the unique combination of woods and shore frontage that comprise our environment and enjoy many benefits and opportunities the area has to offer.