Propane Program

UPDATE June 7, 2019

Negotiations have been concluded with Lakes Gas for the 2019-2020 propane season. This is the third year of our three year contract. I am happy to report that the price will be $1.16/gallon commencing June 1st, 19 cents less than last season! Please don't spread the word since other gas companies don't release their pricing until the summer. This winter was especially tough for the delivery drivers, so please be diligent and keep your driveway and path to your tank clear. If you have an underground tank, mark the fill head with a flag. And although you may be on Automatic Fill, it is extremely important for you, or your caretaker, to monitor your tank. If you get to 30% or lower, call Lakes Gas. It is difficult for them to monitor your usage, but they do a very good job at it. You will be receiving a letter from them on this subject later this summer. So be sure to renew your membership with GDA and pay your dues, so you can be included in this excellent program. Stay warm - Jerry Schomburg