Propane Program

UPDATE: June 4, 2018

Contracts should be mailed out in June from Lakes Gas to the GDA membership for the upcoming heating season. Be sure your membership is paid up so you are included.

The GDA is one of ten organizations belonging to a network designed to monitor and negotiate current and future propane service. The network currently totals 693 properties/propane users. That large number gives us good negotiating leverage.

The price for next season will be increasing - probably to around $1.35 per gallon. Why? Our pricing is pegged to the January 2019 futures, which has increased considerably! This is due, in part, to projected supply and demand concerns, some of which have resulted from the lessons of the bitter cold winter of the past 2017-2018 season.

This increased price is very competitive when compared to some checking of the spot market, which currently ranges from $1.67 to $1.71 locally, and could get worse with political/economic tensions.

Let's all hope for a mild winter. Stay warm out there!

UPDATE: June 30, 2017

Contract negotiations are still ongoing due to internal Lakes Gas administrative issues. But the following partial quote from our negotiators is provided:

"The existing contract will be extended until October 1, 2017. Lakes Gas will use their best efforts to keep the tank full going into the heating season. On October 1, 2017, Lakes Gas will send out a new contract with a price based on the January cost of gas. This will remain in effect until the end of the contract period, May 31, 2018.” Update will be provided at a later date.

UPDATE: June 25, 2016

Lakes Gas is now mailing the contracts for the upcoming heating season. The contract is somewhat confusing. The only section applicable to GDA members is the third block which reads “Locked Guarantee”. You need to check that box, write your initial in that block, sign and date the bottom of the form, and then mail the form back to Lakes. Please ignore all the other option lines, numbers, and info.

UPDATE: June 16, 2016:

Negotiations have been completed with Lakes Gas for another propane season (June 2016 - May 31, 2017). The agreed price is 97 cents/gal and is very competitive in the local market. This new price is effective as soon as you receive a revised contract from Lakes. Remember, you will not receive a contract from Lakes unless you are a current member with GDA and have submitted your dues payment.


The following is submitted for your information concerning propane contracting with Lakes Gas:

1. The GDA does not contract for propane as a single entity. We are a member with numerous other individual associations belonging to a network designed to monitor and negotiate current and future propane service. Some of the other groups include Whitefish Bay Association, BayShore Property Owners Association, Clark Lake Association, etc., etc. The size of our network with over 550 customers provides good negotiating influence. Two individuals experienced in these matters represent the network for contract oversight and negotiating.

2. We will begin the third season of a three-year contract with Lakes Gas this next winter ‘17. The price is re-negotiated at the beginning of each season during May for the following winter. Our current rate is 90 cents/gal, and the price could go lower in the next heating season. There will be a new procedure this summer as to how/when Lakes Gas will send you new contract documents for next season. You will only be mailed a new contract if you are a paid-up member of the GDA for the next season. So pay your dues in a timely manner so as not to be bypassed at contract mailing time. Membership in the GDA is what provides members with great social events, and also with community services and propane prices well below the peninsula norm.

3. Hope this info is helpful. If you have questions or concerns about your propane service, please feel free to give me a call. I’ll try to answer it, or direct you to someone who can.