Board Meeting Minutes


NOVEMBER 7, 2017

Members Present: Nancy Goldberg, Amy Phimister, Paul Kasriel, Danny Mantynband, Chris Comeford

The meeting was called to order at 8:58 by Nancy.

Minutes of the September 19th meeting were reviewed. Motion to approve by Amy, seconded by Paul, and approved.

There was clarification needed of the date for the Christmas party. The date is December 2nd.

Treasurer’s Report: see attached. There are 211 members. Donations approved at the last meeting were sent. A thank you note was received from Sevastopol School. Motion to accept by Paul, seconded by Chris, and approved

Maintenance: Paul drove with the Highway Department to mark trees in the right-of way to be removed. John K. met with Nancy and Amy (Highway Dept.). Glidden Drive is still slated in the budget for 2018 paving. Bike safety with the new trails was discussed. A decision to hold replacing lane signs until after tree removal was made.

Website: Updates were made. E-mail blasts seem to reach more members and work best.

Directory: Still a work in progress. There are problems with formatting.

Membership: Currently there are 211 members. 67 letters to non-members were sent. An updated membership list will be sent to Chris.

Christmas Party: December 2 from 5:00 – 7:00 with entertainment by the Door County Community Choir to begin around 6:15. Catering will be by Scaturo’s. Decorations by Jane to be kept simple. Cost is $12.00 per person in keeping with the theme of the 12 days of Christmas. The board will provide Christmas cookies.

Winter dinner: will look at February 17 for a possible date and check out Mr. G’s and Leatham Smith as possible sites.

Bylaws revision: tabled until January meeting.

Phragmites: The town of Sevastopol is addressing the issue aggressively and has begun spraying.

Next meeting is January 2 at 9:00a.m.


MAY 9, 2017

Present: Jerry Schomburg, Amy Phimister, Jane Hensge, Paul Kasriel, Frank Lubinski Richard Buscher, Nancy Goldberg, Chris Comeford

Guests: Danny Mantynband, Ward Cramer

The meeting was called to order by president Jerry Schomburg at 9:00 a.m.

Minutes from March 20 were reviewed. Moved to approve by Amy, seconded by Frank, approved.

Treasurer’s Report: a revision to the March 20 report which includes winter dinner receipts was presented. Move to approve by Jane, second by Nancy, approved. The May 8 report was presented including a bill for January/February website expenses. Move to approve by Jane, second by Richard, approved.

A proposed budget was presented by Amy. Since it is a guideline no formal approval was needed, and it will not be presented at the annual meeting.

Social Committee: See Annual Meeting

Maintenance: No report

Website: The bulletin board is going well. Things running smoothly.

Membership: No report

Propane: No report

New Business:

  1. Welcome back party: Chris presented menus from Scaturo’s, Econo Foods, and Fatzo’s. The group agreed to use Fatzo’s to cater the lunch. Chris and Jane will coordinate. RSVP’s will be gotten from the website to estimate number of attendees.
  2. Agenda items:

1. Minutes from last annual meeting

2. Financial reports

3. In memoriam: Chris will coordinate names to include

4. Year in review

5. Guest speakers

6. Committee reports

7. Board nominations/elections

  1. Board of Directors solicitations: Guest Danny expressed some willingness to serve. He will consider. There was discussion of reducing the board size to 7 from 9, which will require a change to the bylaws. The possibility of voting a change at the annual meeting was discussed.
  2. Use of board funds: Richard expressed concerns that we have a plan for using excess funds. It was agreed that projects that would benefit Glidden Drive would be appropriate. Examples would be the Shivering Sands/Dunes Lake project or phragmites eradication.
  3. Future social/business events. Possible dates for the picnic were discussed. Late August was suggested. Jerry will check available dates for the town park.

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 10:15


GDA Annual Meeting

Friday, 9 June 2017, 10:00am Sevastopol Town Hall

1. Call to Order - Welcome and Introductions

2. In Memoriam

3. Agenda

4. Review/Approval of Minutes - from 16 July 2016 Annual Meeting (Chris)

5. Past Year’s Review (Jerry)

6. Treasurer's Report (Amy) - fiscal year

7. Committee Reports:

a. Social (Jane)

b. Maintenance (Paul)

c. Website (Nancy)

d. Membership (Chris)

e. Propane (Jerry)

8. Guest Presentations:

a. Sturgeon Bay Fire Department

b. Door County Council

c. Sevastopol Township

9. Election of GDA Board Directors

10. Closing Comments/Discussion

11. Adjourn

AGENDA - GDA Board Meeting

Monday, March 20, 2017, 9:00 am. Sevastopol Town Hall

Pre-meeting/Guest presentation: none scheduled

1. Call to Order and Welcome

2. Review/Approval of Minutes - from 15 November 2016

3. Treasurer's Report

4.Committee Reports:

a. Social (Jane)

b. Maintenance (Paul)

c. Website (Nancy)

d. Membership (Chris)

e. Propane (Jerry)

5.Current Business/Action Items:

a. Welcome Back Party/Annual Meeting - where, when, how?

b. ..Annual Meeting agenda topics

6. New Business:

a. Noxious weed county ordinance (Nancy)

b. GDA BOD solicitation letter (Jerry)

c. Future social/business events discussion

d. Other inputs (as req)

7. Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 ?

8. Closing Comments

9. Adjourn


Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 9:00 am. Sevastopol Town Hall

1. Pre-meeting/Guest presentation: Friends of Whitefish Dunes

2. Call to Order and Welcome

3. Review/Approval of Minutes - from 4 October 2016 Treasurer's Report (Amy)

4. Committee Reports:

a. Social (Jane)

b. Maintenance (Paul)

c. Website (Nancy)

d. Membership (Chris)

e. Propane (Jerry)

5. Current Business/Action Items:

a. Christmas Party - dates, details, and notification update

b. Winter Dinner - preliminary planning update.

c. GDA Insurance research/discussion.

6. New Business:

a. Budget - inputs/discussion.

...Charity/donation targets.

b. Other inputs (as req)

7. Next Meeting: February 7, 2016?

8. Closing Comments

9. Adjourn


August 16, 2016

Members Present: Jerry Schomburg, Frank Lubinski, Amy Phimister, Paul Kasriel, Chris Comeford, Dick Buscher, Jane Hensge.

Guest: Tony Gurdak

The meeting was called to order at 9:03 by president Jerry Schomburg

Minutes from June 8 meeting: Moved for approval by Jane, second by Amy; approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Checking account balance: $8555.56; CD balance @0.18% interest: $8039.26 for a total of $16,584.82. Currently there are 206 members. 71 people attended the picnic and paid $10 per person. The actual cost was $18.95 per person. Two tax returns were filed with a fee of $10. Moved for approval by Jane, seconded by Dick; approved.

Committee Reports:

Social: Jane reported that the picnic was a success, despite the late arrival of DC Custom Meats. Leftovers were taken away by the vendor. Some communication difficulties were experienced. Jane will explore different vendors for next year.

The Christmas party is booked for December 3. Jane will check out the possibility of catering vs. having people bring food. Also the possibility of sending out an e-mail invite was explored. The idea of having a crazy winter hat contest was suggested. Hopefully the Sevastopol choir will again provide entertainment. Jane will explore caterers and get back to us.

Maintenance: A hanging branch on White Pine Lane was trimmed and a fire sign repaired. Maintenance of lane signs is underway.

Website: Jerry is proposing some changes to the President’s Message portion of the website. He would like to replace it with an ongoing column where board members could contribute pertinent information. Jerry will contact Anne Peters with his thoughts.

Propane: Contracts have gone out to members.


New Directory: Judy Cramer is suggesting printing 240 copies of the directory. The cost is $3.30 per copy. There are currently 202 members. Extra copies will be available for new members and for those members requesting additional copies. A charge of $5.00 was suggested to cover the actual cost plus mailing. A motion was made by Chris to accept Judy’s recommendations seconded by Frank, and approved.

Board Vacancy: It was agreed to keep each other apprised of possible candidates. An odd number of members is desirable for voting purposes.

Road Repair: Should take place at the end of September, after the Door County Century bike ride.

Speed Limit: No action at this time.

Dog Barking Policy: Dick expressed concern that renter’s pets were causing a disturbance with excessive barking. It was decided to cite the Sevastopol anti-barking ordinance in the rules for renters. Dick will work on addition and forward it to members for approval.

Recognition of Fred & Kathy Shumway’s years of service: The Shumway’s have served the Glidden Drive Association for 5 years. Jerry proposed recognizing their service with a gift certificate to Glidden Lodge. A motion to purchase a gift certificate was made by Amy, second by Dick and approved.

New Members: John and Deanna Swanson have agreed to take over contacting new residents regarding membership in GDA.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

The next meeting will be October 4 at 9:00 a.m. and November 15, pending availability of the conference room.

Respectfully Submitted

Chris Comeford


GDA Board Meeting - Tuesday, 4 October 2016, 9:00 am.

Sevastopol Town Hall

Pre-meeting/Guest presentation: None scheduled

1. Call to Order and Welcome

2. Review/Approval of Minutes - from 16 August 2016

3. Treasurer's Report (Amy)

4. Committee Reports:

a. Social (Jane)

b. Maintenance (Paul)

c. Website (Nancy)

d. Membership (Chris)

e. Propane (Jerry)

5. Current Business/Action Items:

a. New GDA Owners/Renters Guidelines - Website inclusion,

distribution of hard copies

b. Board vacancy?

c. GDA Directory - distribution/updating

d. Certificate for Fred/Kathy Shumway

6. New Business:

a. Christmas Party - dates, details, notification, etc.

b. Winter Dinner - preliminary planning.

7. Next Meeting: 15 November 2016? Determine future availability.

8. Closing Comments

9. Adjourn


GDA Board Meeting - Tuesday, 16 August 2016, 9:00 am.

Sevastopol Town Hall

Pre-meeting/Guest presentation: None scheduled

1. Call to Order and Welcome

2. Review/Approval of Minutes - from 7 June 2016

3. Treasurer's Report (Amy)

4. Committee Reports:

a. Social (Jane)

b. Maintenance (Paul)

c. Website (Nancy)

d. Membership (Chris)

e. Propane (Jerry)

5. Current Business/Action Items:

a. New GDA Directory - print authorization, extra copies, etc (ref Judy Cramer email)

b. Board vacancy

c. Annual Meeting review - action items ??

6. New Business: TBD

7. Closing Comments

8. Next Meeting: October 2016 - date/time TBD

9. Adjourn

Recap of Annual meeting July 16, 2016

While the minutes of the annual meeting will not be approved officially until next year, here is a brief recap. Any questions, please contact us at

Jim Fox discussed the recent DNR Wetland Rule expansion and how it has affected access to property that he has on the drive. For a link to his earlier report click here. He suggested that GDA residents that own any properties designated as wetlands, contact the County Assessor about reassessment to a lower tax bracket. Unfortunately, he cannot build a road now through wetlands to the area on his property which is buildable.

Phragmites: Nancy Goldberg presented a powerpoint regarding the phragmites county-wide eradication efforts. She recommended that anyone finding this invasive on their property, notify Kari Hagenow of the Door County Invasive Species Taskforce for advice and assistance. Click here to view the Phragmites presentation and for continued updates.

Door County Board Activities: Biz Virlee gave his annual update concerning the following projects: Senior Center, Glidden Drive paving, ARDC, Cave Point parking, Cana Island causeway flooding, airport runway paving, and Dunes Lake dredging. Click here for the Road Report.

Aging in Door County: Sara Buscher reported on a diverse group of individuals beginning to explore the topic: “Aging in Door County.” sponsored by the Community Foundation. There will be small discussion groups to offer input. One discussion group is scheduled for 7/26/2016 at the Tin Plate and residents are welcome to sign up.

Maintenance Committee: Paul Kasriel reported on sign repairs and replacements. Rich Kinka and Darryl von Berg have retired from their previous jobs of sign repair. Herb Klein was recognized for his mowing around the Shivering Sands bridge.

Two members volunteered from the floor to replace retiring Board Members (John Campbell, Fred Schumway, and John Swanson) Frank Lubinski and Dick Buscher. Gary Hanger moved to approve their election, Bill Hensge 2nd. These members were elected to a 3 year term. There is still a vacancy for 1 more Board member.

Agenda for Annual Membership Meeting of GDA

Saturday, July 16, 2016, 9:00 a.m.

Sevastopol Townhall

1. Call to Order & President’s Welcome & Introductions

2. In Memorium

3. Review/Approval of July 11, 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

4. Treasurer’s Report : June 1, 2015 -- May 31, 2016

a. Accounts

b. Audit Report

c. Q & A

d. Motion to Approve

5. Program :

a. Information on Phragmites -- Nancy Goldberg

b. Door County/Glidden Drive Update – Biz Virlee

c. Aging in Door County -- Sara Buscher

6. GDA Reports

a.Propane Contract Update -- Jerry Schomburg

b. Social Committee -- Jane Hensge

c. Maintenance Committee -- Paul Kasriel

d. Website and Directory -- Nancy Goldberg

7. Thank You to All GDA Volunteers

8. Election of New Directors

a. Outgoing Officers & Directors

b. Board Approved Slate of Directors

c. Nominations from the Floor

d. Election

9. Open Discussion

10. Motion to Adjourn


July 11, 2015 Sevastopol Town Hall Meeting convened at 9:05 am

Board members present included: Fred Shumway, Judy Cramer, Amy Phimister, Paul Kasriel,

Jerry Schomberg, Dennis Marquardt, John Swanson, and Sue Wehrli (at the Town Park)

35 members attended the meeting

President Fred Shumway called the meeting to order.

1. Introductions: Fred introduced the current Board members. He recognized 2 new Drive

residents. He announced the petition requesting the County Roads Department to drop the

speed limit to 25 mph along Glidden Drive. Residents interested were requested to sign the


2. Memoriam: Fred read the names of those Drive residents who had died this past year. They

included: Noreen Sherrick, Marguerite Turner, George Griffith, Mel Madel, George Gemberling,

Colette Hanney Johnstone, and Chuck Banks. A moment of silence in their memory was held.

Fred announced that the GDA donated $500 to the Door County Nature Conservancy for use at

Shivering Sands in their memory.

3. The minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting were distributed and were available on the GDA

website. Joanne Henger moved to approve, seconded by Steve Hughes. Motion passed

4. Amy Phimister (GDA Treasurer) reviewed the distributed annual Treasurer’s report for

6/1/2014- 5/30/2015. Balance of checking is $5,813.02 and CDs are $8,016.07 (including

Reserve Account of $4,000). Currently there are 223 paid members. More memberships came

in after June 1st not accounted in last fiscal year’s report. She reported an audit performed by

Chris Comeford who found no discrepancies. Motion to accept the report by Dick Shappell,

seconded by Steve Hughes. Motion passed.

5. Biz Virlee reported on an update on issues discussed by the Door County Board

a.) Senior Center (Community Center) is on target to be constructed near the current site

on 14th Ave. Total cost of six million with two million to be raised privately. It will be a multi-use


b.) A new ambulance building will most likely be constructed on land across from the

YMCA on Michigan Ave.

c.) He reported on the Dunes Lake restoration project.

d.) He reminded members of the County Fair scheduled 7/29-8/2/15.

e.) Glidden Drive is scheduled to be repaved the summer of 2016.

f.) Update regarding the scheduled construction of 2 round-abouts on Hwy 42/57 at

Michigan Ave and Alabama (though earlier reports had indicated this would be at Egg Harbor

Rd.) Construction to begin early March, 2016 and completed by June 30, 2016. The Bay View

Bridge will be closed for replacement of steel decking during the same time period. Much

discussion followed. Requests were made to include construction updates on the GDA website.

6. a.) Judy gave an update on the newsletter welcoming member submissions.

The directory will be published this fall with an update from this years membership.

A request was made to include numbers of homes on the Drive for sale and recently sold

either in the newsletter or on the website.

Judy promoted the website as a vehicle for communication. Total costs are only $39.95

per year.

b.) Jerry gave a report on the propane negotiations. A network of homeowner

associations numbering around 500 households were represented by Brian Troutman and Dan

Woelfel. Lakes Gas agreed to a price of $0.90 per gallon for the 2015-2016 year. New

contracts have gone out. Members with questions should call Ann at Lakes Gas.

7. Fred recognized the following individuals for their contributions to the Glidden Drive


To all members who pick up liter along the Drive and maintain the Lanes to the lake.

Chris Comeford for her annual audit of the Treasury records for several years at no


Jocelyn Barnes, Katie Kasriel, Jane Hensge, and Sue Wehrli for all of their work

arranging and decorating for social events.

Lynn and Dennis Marquardt for Christmas punch and bartending.

Darrel Von Berg for cleaning and replacing signs.

Herb Kline for mowing around the Shivering Sands creek bridge.

Rich Kinka for updating the fire warning signs along the Drive.

Jim Huhta for his past work as propane negotiator.

Kathy Shumway for her work as membership liaison reaching out to all new members

and writing notes of condolence to families of deceased members announcing the donation in

their honor that will be made annually by the GDA.

Ward Cramer for his tireless work to establish an Excel complete data base of all

members to used by the Treasurer, Propane Coordinator, directory, and newsletter.

Barb Mallien for her email news and photo correspondence to many on the Drive.

Jerry Schomburg for his work coordinating propane contracts.

Judy Cramer for her work on the newsletters, directory, and website as well as the set up

for the annual meeting, getting the donuts and preparing the coffee.

8. Fred announced that there are 3 open seats for the Board. Each director is elected for a 3

year term. Nancy Goldberg and Chris Comeford were put forward as nominees for

directorships 2015-2018. Carl Scholz moved to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot

for these individuals. Ward Cramer seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Jane Hensge volunteered to be social chairman. Gary Henger nominated her as a

director for 2015-2018. Motion passed.

9. No further open discussion. Fred reminded members of the GDA summer picnic to be held

immediately after the meeting at the Town Park.

10. Motion was made to adjourn at 10:55 by Biz Virlee and seconded by Steve Hughes. Motion


Immediately following the GDA membership meeting, the new Board convened briefly to elect

officers for 2015-2016.

President: Fred Shumway

Vice President: Jerry Schomburg

Secretary: John Swanson

Treasurer: Amy Phimister

Social Chairman: Jane Hensge

Next Board meeting will be Friday, August 7 at 9am at Sevastopol Town Hall

Respectively submitted

John Swanson, Secretary.


February 2, 2016

Members present: Fred Shumway, Chris Comeford, Amy Phimister, Paul Kasriel, Nancy Goldberg, John Campbell, Jerry Schomburg, Jane Hensge, John Swanson Guest: Ward Cramer

Preliminary Discussion:

Ward Cramer updated the Board on the membership database. Currently there are 230 paid members for 2015-2016. Of the propane users, 85 own their own tanks and 56 lease tanks from Lakes. Ward spoke to how fluid email addresses are and that members change emails frequently. There are a few members who do not have email addresses listed, so the Board needs to be aware of those individuals and decide how to communicate with them. Ward recommends that the Directory be published perhaps in September/October instead of January. This would allow inclusion of the most recent address or phone changes. The Board recommended that the deadline for dues will now be May 15th. The incentive for members to timely pay their dues is the discount price for Lakes propane and inclusion in the Directory. Ward agreed to continue his duties in keeping the database. Judy Cramer will (for now at least) arrange for the publishing of the Directory.

Meeting was then brought to order by President Fred at 9:35. Minutes from the December 1, 2015 meeting were approved with the following corrections: Delete Jane Hensge from attendance. Under New Business (4a) spelling should be Lynn. Jerry/Chris moved and seconded, passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dec 1,2015- February 2,2016. Expenses of $1,638.82. Checking balance of $5,409.52. CD account balance of $ $8,023.19. Nancy/Jane, Moved/seconded. Passed

Old Business:

a. Maintenance Committee: Paul reported that Rich Kinka asked to be relieved of the responsibility for the fire signs along the drive. There is one fire warning sign (near Pebble Lane) that is missing. It was suggested that Paul check with Darryl VonBerg or Herb Kline to see if they could construct a sign. Fred will forward the listing of which beach access lanes are the responsibility of GDA to Paul. Paul may gather a committee to help with lane maintenance. Fred suggested that in the future, committee reports will be a separate agenda item.

b. Propane report: Jerry reported that he would like to submit a preliminary estimate of dues-paying members to Lakes Gas by the end of May. He reported that there is some flexibility for late payers to be part of the GDA contracted price. Lakes keeps an updated spread sheet submitted by Jerry.

c. Committee members voiced continued concerns regarding fire danger particularly from beach fires and fireworks. John C. will review and update the current G.D. Visitor Guide which is located on the GDA website. Residents are asked to call the Door County Sheriff if they have concerns. The topic will be reviewed at the next meeting.

d. GDA website: Nancy presented an update. She asked that committee chair persons and President Shumway write updated reports or messages for the website. This will keep information fresh and encourage the membership to view the site frequently. There will be a hyperlink on the home page to the annual renewal form that members can download and return with dues. The email that goes out to members is currently: rhino123. This looks like spam to some members. Nancy will see about changing it to something that would be more familiar. The Board agreed that the newsletter and website should be apolitical (information about school referendums would not be included). GDA is primarily a social organization. Another issue discussed was derelict properties. If residents are concerned, the sheriff should be notified and not the GDA Board.

e. Christmas Party: Feedback was very positive and thanks go out to Jane for all of her efforts. Will look at a way to balance deserts and appetizers next year.

f. Winter Dinner: Currently 53 reservations for the dinner on February 20, 2016(maximum is 55). If late reservations come in, Fred or Jane will check with the Nightingale about setting up extra tables outside of the private room. Board members volunteered to sit at those tables. Jane has planned for 10 table decorations that will be “raffled”off. Cost of the dinner will be $25.

5. New Business

a. GDA Directory- Based on the discussion earlier with Ward Cramer, we will strive to get the directory out in September, closer to the start of our fiscal and membership year. Judy Cramer has been spearheading this project in the past, and if she wants to continue to do this, she has the freedom from the board to use the printer of her choice. If she does not wish to continue, the board will look for an alternative.

b. Welcome back event in the Spring: it was agreed that we should have a welcome back event around end of May. Jane Hensge and Chris Comeford will coordinate. Probable venue will be the Tin Plate. Proposed event to be similar to that which celebrated Paul Sorenson’s retirement party.

6. Other:

Fred discussed briefly a Shoreline bill sponsored by Frank LaSee, our representative, working its way through the legislature that will articulate the property rights of the shoreline residents. This is an issue we should be following for our membership. Chris Comeford noted the increased downed pine and cedar logs and tree debris lying close to the road. She wondered if these were going to be picked up by the Utilities or the township?? No resolution was reached, but it was suggested that Biz Virlee would probably know the status.

Our next meeting: is scheduled for April 5th at 9:00 AM at the Sevastopol town hall. This is Election Day, but we will have access to the room for our meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:05. Motion was introduced by Paul Kasriel and seconded by John Campbell.

Submitted by John Swanson (Secretary) with assistance from Nancy Goldberg

December 1, 2015

Meeting called to order by Fred Shumway at 9:53.

In attendance:


Prior to the Board Meeting there was an informative discussion regarding the re-paving of Glidden Drive. Biz Virlee, our County Board representative noticed in the budget that the date for this project had been pushed back to 2018. He and Tom Girman were concerned, took photos of some particularly bad sections of the roadway, and arranged for John Kolodziej, head of the Highway Department, to meet with us to address this issue. Leo Zipperer, Sevastopol Town Chairman, and Dick Shappell were also present.

The process of evaluating county roads was explained as well as the rationale for prioritizing projects, such as traffic volume and balancing projects throughout the county. And of course the availability of funds is a major factor.

In a nutshell, our road is beyond needing just an overlay of asphalt. It will require reconstruction that will include removing old pavement and laying down new asphalt. This is of course the most costly repair. Thus, the 2018 date for this project. The long-term plans are re-evaluated by the Highway Department each year and it is possible changes may be made. Additional sources of funds are being explored by the state legislature, but as yet no decisions have been made. John explained that in spring, Glidden drive will be evaluated and patching may be appropriate at some points along the drive.

We will continue to monitor the situation, which will include taking new pictures in the spring to assess any further deterioration. These photos will be forwarded to the Highway Department. We’ll provide updates as we get them.

John asked that if any resident on the drive is aware of dead trees causing a potential hazard to vehicular traffic to contact Thad at the highway department 746-2500.

1. Minutes were approved with the following correction number 4 $200.00. Moved approval by Amy, seconded by John Campbell. Vote unanimous.

2. Treasurer’s report. Checking account balance is 6,992.84. CD balance is 8,023.19 for a total of $15,016.03. Chris, seconded by Nancy, moved it to approval. Vote unanimous

3. Old Business

a. Maintenance committee is still a work in progress. Nothing new to report by Paul Kasriel. This committee will coordinate the signage on the drive, mowing on Shivering Sands Bridge and maintenance of lanes. Paul will contact Rich Kinka and Herb Klein as they have been instrumental in these activities in the past

b. Visitor guidelines need to be updated and available prominently on the website, particularly for those who rent properties on the drive. The risk of fire is real from those who use burn barrels, campfires and fireworks. There is no provision for fast firefighting if a fire gets out of hand. It is ½ hour helicopter from Oshkosh to attack a fire on the lake. It is also not possible to use water from Lake Michigan in the firefighting equipment. Fire is an issue we are particularly vulnerable to on the drive and prevention is our best defense.

c. Newsletter. Judy Cramer has worked very hard with Anne Peters our new Webmaster in the transition. The new website will be launched with emails sent to the membership with a hyperlink. Nancy agrees to be the liaison between Anne and the Association as well as editor of the website. It was suggested to give Judy $100 gift certificate for her hard work over the years and in this transition. Moved by Chris and seconded by John Campbell.

4. New Business

a. Xmas party is scheduled for December 5, 2015 from 5:00-7:30. The singers are planned for 6:45-7:15. Lynn and Dennis Marquardt will provide punch. Anyone available to assist with set up should arrive about 4PM.

b. Directory will be printed week of Jan 4, 2016 and distributed by mid January. 275 copies will be printed with the extra copies available for use as needed by the board and Kathy Shumway when she welcomes new residents on the drive.

c. Winter dinner is planned for 2/20. The cost will be $25/person. More to follow on website and email as Jane Hensge and the social committee make plans.

5. The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 as our quorum was lost and there was no other business.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Goldberg

OCTOBER 9, 2015



Meeting was convened at 9:00

Minutes of the August 7, 2015 were reviewed and approved without corrections.

Treasurer”s Report by Amy. Checking account balance at $7,689.96 with 230 dues paying members (246 in 2014-2015). CD has a balance of $8,016.07. Report accepted and approved.There was a brief discussion about contributing more to social events such as the recentsubsidy of the summer picnic. Nancy also suggested that we should have flexibility to donate to community activities such as our recent contribution to the Sevastopol School.

Fred reported that there is no further information on the waste water treatment pond. Financing issues are still ongoing.


1.) Speed limit change petition is on hold until 2016. Amy will recirculate the petition next year.

2.) Propane: Jerry reported. 108 contracts with Lakes Gas. 1 member has a reduced contract and is not a GDA member. Jerry will update the GDA membership list by June 1, 2016 and forward that to Lakes for next year’s contracts.

3.) Newsletter & Website: A meeting was held with Fred, Barb Mallien, Judy Cramer,Chris Comeford, and Nancy Goldberg. GDA will be transitioning to an electronic newsletter posted on the website. Emails will be sent to those who have them with a link to the most recent posting. Mail copies will be sent to those members who don’t have email (about 25%).

November 2015, there will be a printed newsletter sent out with information about future electronic newsletters. The future electronic newsletter will be published in April, July, and November each year.

There is a proposal on the table from Anne Peters regarding maintenance and redesign of the website. Approximately 6 hrs/ month at $30 per hour. She will edit the newsletter and post it on the website. A motion was made by Jerry, seconded by Paul to accept Anne Peters’ written proposal at the above rates. Motion passed with the caveat that if more work time is needed, then the Board liaison would be contacted.

Jane suggested that perhaps some gimmick could be incorporated into a future newsletter with rewards to entice GDA members to click on the link and read the articles. Nancy agreed to be the Board liaison to the website designer.

Gary Henger will contact the new residents at 3701 and arrange an interview for a future newsletter.

4.) Mowing: Fred reported on a letter to the DC Highway department about mowing Glidden Dr. This was prompted by a complaint from Carl Scholz about a wide mowing swath.This has been an issue going back to a letter written by Laddie Chapman in 2005 regarding the same topic. John Kolodziej wrote back explaining the “clear zone” requirements set by state and federal standards. This includes a 7-10 foot swath from the road. The GDA Board suggested that a letter to the DC Highway Department be written each spring reminding them to only mow the required width and not further into individuals properties.


1.) Glidden Lodge Beach Resort: John had no further report. Discussion continues onthe future of the pier that has been eroded from wave action.

2.) Vandalism and Camping: Jim Huhta wrote Fred a letter reporting that over Labor Day weekend, an empty property on the Drive (about 4276) had people camping on it with campfires. It is unknown if these people were the landowners. It was suggested that Biz Virlee be contacted regarding County ordinances regarding camp fires. If anyone has concerns, the sherrif’s office should be notified.

Someone stole one of the Fire Hazard signs near 4195. Rich Kinka has beenmaintaining them.

3.) It was suggested that a GDA Maintenance Committee be formed perhaps composed of Daryl Von Berg (paints and cleans signs), Herb Kline (does mowing along some trails), and Rich Kinka. Paul will contact those individuals and serve as liaison from that committee to the Board.

4.) Christmas Party: Jane reported on current plans: To be held 12/5/15 from 5-7:30 at the Sevastopol Town Hall. People will be asked to bring appetizers and deserts. The theme is an “Ugly Sweater” contest. Prizes will be awarded in different categories. $200 was approved for purchase of those prizes. Dennis and Lynn Marquardt will do the punch. Wine and coffee willbe available. Paul will coordinate the entertainment by the “New Sevastopol Singers.”

5.) Winter Dinner: Date set for 2/13/16 with cash bar from 5-6 and dinner at 6pm. Jane will check with the Nightingale to see if they can accommodate a larger group since there were about 56 residents at last years dinner.

NEXT GDA BOARD MEETING: 12/1/15 at 9am at the Sevastopol Town Hall

Meeting adjourned at 10:55. Motion by Amy and second by Jane. Motion passed.

July 11, 2015

Sevastopol Town Hall

President Fred Shumway welcomed 35 members in attendance. He introduced and gave a special welcome

to new members. He announced that there was a petition requesting the County Roads Department to drop

the speed limit to 25 MPH along Glidden Drive. Any residents interested were requested to sign the petition

that was available at the meeting and picnic information tables.

• A moment of silence was held in memory of the 7 residents who had died this past year. Fred announced

that the GDA donated $500 in their memory to the Door County Nature Conservancy for use at Shivering


• Amy Phimister, GDA Treasurer, gave the Annual Treasurer’s Report stating the checking and CD

balances. Current paid member count was 223.

• Biz Virlee reported an update on issues discussed by the Door County Board:

*senior citizen center construction on target to be near the current site on 14th at the cost of 6 million with

2 million to be raised privately.

*new ambulance building will most likely be built on land across from the YMCA on Michigan Ave.

*Biz gave a report on the Dunes Lake Restoration Project.

*an update regarding the scheduled roundabouts on Hwy 42/57 to begin early March 2016 and to be

completed June 30, 2016. Requests were made to include construction updates on the GDA website.

• Fred recognized individuals (board and non-board members) for their contributions to the GDA community.

• 3 open seats on the board were filled by unanimous vote for Chris Comeford, Nancy Goldberg, and Jane


• Immediately following the GDA membership meeting the new board convened to elect officers for 2015-2016.

(complete minutes will be made available for approval at next year's Annual Membership Meeting in July 2016)

June 1, 2015

Sevastopol Town Hall

Members present: Judy Cramer, Amy Phimister, Jerry Schomburg, Paul Kasriel,

John Campbell, Fred Shumway, John Swanson

Meeting brought to order by Fred at 9:01

Minutes were reviewed. Jerry moved to approve without additions or corrections. Amy seconded. Passed

Treasurers Report: Amy reported on the Association’s funds through June 1, 2015. There is $5,813.01 in checking, $8,016.07 in CD for a total balance of $13,829.09.

Chris Comeford audited the treasurer’s records through May and found no discrepancies.

135 household membership renewals have been received to date. More are expected by the annual meeting.

Expenses were reviewed.

Moved by Paul and seconded by John C. to accept the Treasurer’s Report.


Old Business:

a.) Propane. Jerry reported on the current propane negotiations with Lakes Gas by GDA and several other

neighborhood associations being represented by Dan Woelfel and Brian Troutman. The current Lake’s Gas

pricing has expired as of June 1st. Lake’s is offering a lower interim pricing during June. The new pricing

for 2015-2016 will be available by the end of the month and announced at the July annual meeting. It does

appear that the pricing will have a significant reduction from the past year.

b.) GDA renewals. In progress. Reminder notes were sent out to those who had not yet renewed. There will be

a membership table at the annual meeting for those who wish to renew their memberships.

c.) GDA Master Calendar. Judy created this document to keep significant dates such as the 3x/year production

of the newsletter in front of the Board. Fred complimented Judy on the utility of this calendar.

d.) Guidelines for guests: No feedback from members. The written guidelines are available on the GDA


e.) GDA Director vacancies: Judy has declined to run again. Sue Wehrli and Dennis Marquardt’s terms expire

this month. Fred had several individuals in mind who could be approached to run. The membership at the

annual meeting will have the opportunity to nominate candidates. The Board currently has 9 members a

set by the bylaws, but could function with less members.

New Business:

a.) WPS Natural Gas info: Fred reported on a conversation he had with an individual from WPS in Green Bay.

The current natural gas line terminates at T and 42/57. The costs are about triple the usual expense to run a

gas line through the limestone along Glidden Drive. Those costs would have to be paid by the

homeowners. At this time it appears that it is cost prohibitive.

b.) Amy reported on a road speed monitor placed by her home. No data is available yet from that device. Amy

would like to circulate a petition at the annual meeting recommending to the County Highway Department

that speed limits along Glidden Drive be dropped to 25 MPH. The Board was supportive of her efforts.

c.) Glidden Condos: John S. reported on vague language in covenants attached to deeds/ titles along Glidden

Drive. The Glidden Lodge Beach Resort had some concerns about beach access to Glidden Drive

residents. It has not been a real problem in the past. The GLBR will place signs indicating that it is private


d.) Future Newsletters: Judy reported that all members can submit information, poems, travel information, or

stories for inclusion on the website. A new editor for the newsletter will need to be found after Judy’s term

expires this month. Judy agreed to stay on as a liaison to assist in the newsletter, but will not take primary

responsibility. The July newsletter will be delayed until the end of the month to include information from

the annual meeting. Ward has kept the data base updated as membership renewals come in. Newsletters

now come out in July, November, and April. Judy added up expenses for newsletters, directories, and

information letters and mailings. The cost is $9.99/ household member per year. (Past costs have been as

high as $17 per member.)

e.) GDA Annual Meeting (7/11/15): A printed agenda will be available. The previous minutes of the 2014 annual

meeting will be available on the website. Barb Mallien will be asked to send out an email reminding

everyone about the meeting and to request them to review the minutes of the 2014 meeting on line.

Fred will create the agenda and send it to Board members for review. Judy will discuss the directory,

newsletters, etc. Biz Virlee will be asked to present an update on County business. Dan Woelfel will be

asked to present an update on Sevastopol Town business if any is germane.

f.) GDA summer picnic to follow the annual meeting, will be held at the Town Park. Sue Wehrli is arranging the

pig roast. Coffee and donuts will be available at the annual meeting. Sue has requested a number of men

from the Board be available to help with set up before the annual meeting. All agreed to be available to help

out that day. The musical group, “Last Man Standing” will be asked to play in return for a free lunch. John

S. will check with Tad Greene.

Next GDA Board meeting scheduled for August 3rd at 9 am at the Sevastopol Town Hall. A brief Board meeting will be held after the annual meeting on July 11 to elect officers.

Adjournment at 11.35am. Motion by Paul, Second by Jerry. Passed.


On June 8, 2015 Judy presented a motion to the board via email to obtain copies from Badgerland Printing for the annual meeting agenda and the 2014 meeting minutes in an amount not to exceed $20.00. The motion was seconded by Sue Wehrli. The motion passed unanimously.

March 30, 2015

Sevastopol Town Hall

Directors Present: Fred Shumway, John Campbell, Amy Phimister, Judy Cramer Dennis Marquardt, Paul Kasriel, Jerry Schomburg, Sue Wehrli

Directors Absent: John Swanson

Pre-Meeting Guest Presentation: Ward Cramer brought samples of his master membership database and explained how each category/line item could help the GDA in multiple ways. It was agreed that this database be emailed to directors when needed, but in PDF format to preserve its integrity. Ward is to be thanked for his time and expertise.

President Fred Shumway called the meeting to order at 9:27 a.m.

Minutes of the Feb. 2, 2015 meeting: It was moved and seconded that these minutes be approved as submitted. This was approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s report: period 02/02/15 thru 03/30/15:

Checking Account: $5065.09

CD #746457: $8016.07

Total Checking and CD Accounts: $13,081.16

Amy then gave an accounting of income and expenses for the period, and noted a small correction to the 02/02/15 report. It was moved and seconded that these reports be approved as submitted. The motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

a. It was reported that GDA member volunteer Darrell von Berg checked the Neighborhood Watch signs on

either end of the drive and found them to be in good condition. Darrell will clean both signs when the

weather warms a bit. It was decided that the north sign should stay where it is for now.

b. Jerry S. reported that 93 Glidden properties currently buy propane from Lakes Gas. Second year

contract talks with Lakes will begin on July 1st.

c. We thank Sue W., Amy P., and Dennis M. for helping make our Winter Dinner at the Nightingale the

success it was. We had 55 members in attendance for an evening of good food and conversation.

d. The GDA 2014-2015 Membership Directory was distributed in early February. It was well-received. Only

four errors were reported. Corrections will be noted in the newsletters. This directory has been

reformatted to Word, making future directories a much friendlier task for us.

e. The GDA April Newsletter will be mailed in early April. It will include a “Guideline For Guests And

Renters” for visitors on the drive as well as a cut-out and mail-in form for membership renewal. The

annual membership dues are due by June 1st. The guidelines as well as the membership forms are

available for download on the GDA website.

f. Dennis M. reported that there have been no Door County Board minutes which relate to GDA members of


New Business:

a. We discussed the need for a GDA Master Calendar. We have many overlapping dates and deadlines

pertaining to our directory, the newsletters, and social events. Judy C. presented an initial template

related to the directory and the newsletter. The premise of a master calendar is to have a transitional

tool available for board changeovers as well as identifying to the board those actions and decisions

that are time sensitive.

b. We discussed the procedure as to how non-board members who volunteer to help us on projects

report to the board, but decided to deal with this matter as it comes up in the future.

c. Sue W. has contacted D.C. Meats for prices on a catered pig roast and extras for the GDA Summer

Picnic at the Sevastopol Townhall on July 11th. We discussed the options and have decided on the

full package. We will charge $10.00/person and cover any additional costs from the GDA Treasury. We

will have a volunteer work meeting in May for the invitation and envelope stuffing.

d. Three GDA board members’ terms will end in July. It will be necessary to replace them. Although we

have one GDA member possibly interested in a director’s position, we need to recruit more members

who are willing to serve. All of us are recruiters and we need to begin work on this now.

Other: none

Next Meeting: The next GDA meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, June 1, 2015.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:27 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Shumway, president and secretary

Addendum: On April 14th Judy C. made a motion by email to approve the allocation of funds up to $250.00 for the printing and mailing of the summer picnic invite/RSVP which included the additional supply of envelopes (305/500) with the GDA return address for future GDA mailings. Dennis M. seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

February 2, 2015

Sevastopol Town Hall

Directors Present: Fred Shumway, John Campbell, Amy Phimister, Judy Cramer, Dennis Marquardt, Paul Kasriel, Jerry Schomburg, Sue Wehrli, John Swanson

Call to Order: President of the Board, Fred Shumway, called the meeting to order at 9:58 am Guest Presentation: None

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the 12/1/14 meeting were reviewed. Motion to approve the minutes made by Sue, seconded by John C. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Amy, presented the financial report 12/1/14 thru 2/2/15. Income and Expenses were reviewed.

Checking Account balance: $7,687.07

CD balance (including $4000 in Contingency Fund): $8,007.95

Total Balance is $15,695.02

a.) Amy discussed that the CD will be rolled over this week into a new 12 month CD at 0.18% interest. Board members discussed the possibility of a bond fund instead. Because of fees and lack of FDIC insurance, it was recommended that the funds remain in a CD.

b.) Dennis questioned if the $500 written for a grant application exploring a rain garden for the Town sewage holding ponds was cashed. Amy said that the checking account balanced, so she thought that the check had cleared.

c.) The Board discussed leaving the $4,000 for the Contingency Fund in a more liquid account when the next CD becomes due. This could be the checking account.

d.) Amy asked about an audit. Chris Comeford has done the audits in the past. This should be done by the end of the fiscal year.

Dennis moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Jerry seconded. Report was approved by unanimous vote.

Old Business:

1.) Propane Report: Jerry said there was nothing new to report. There had been a question regarding 5 propane subscribers and their membership in the GDA. They had been contacted and all dues were paid or found to be current.

2.) Christmas Party: Fred complemented Jocelyn Barnes for her efforts in putting together a very nice evening. Paul was recognized for arranging the choral group.

3.) GDA Directory/2015: Judy reported on the work that she and Ward Cramer have done to pick through the data bases and correct errors. Ward has the complete data base available on a spreadsheet and converted to Word if individuals wish to use that format. Amy has only a data base of names, fire lane numbers, and indication of payment of dues. Ward shares the data base with Jerry for use in Propane negotiations.

The directory will go to the printer this week and should be in the mail shortly after. Total cost of approximately $1,500 for 300 copies.

4.) New Member Report: Fred reported about a contact with Armando Zeledon who declined membership in GDA and instead belongs to the Whitefish Bay neighborhood association. The Board discussed the new and renewal forms. The secondary address, city, and state information lines will be removed from the application. Members may enter a secondary phone number. The remainder of the form will remain the same. Judy will include the membership renewal in the April newsletter. Members need to remove it and mail it back with a check. Renewals not received by early June will be contacted by email or USPS letter. The new member form is available on the GDA website.

5.) GDA donations: A discussion around how to handle memorial donations was again had. Fred made a motion to amend the 12/1/14 motion regarding memorials stating that one check for $500 will be cut before June 1, 2015 to memorialize all of the Glidden Drive Residents who have died during this current fiscal year. This year, the memorial will be sent to the Shivering Sands Protection Fund of The Nature Conservancy. The motion was seconded by Amy. Motion passed unanimously. Fred will read the names of those memorialized residents at the annual meeting in July.

6.) By law Change: There had been discussion regarding updating the bylaws as it applied to charitable donations. The wording was reviewed by the Board, and it was elected to leave it unchanged. This gives future Boards flexibility.

New Business:

1.) Winter Dinner: Sue reported that 53 people had paid for the winter dinner to be held Saturday, February 7, 2015 at the Nightingale Supper Club. Social hour with cash bar 5-6pm. Dinner at 6 pm. A motion was made by Amy for funds not to exceed $250 for table decorations. Sue seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Those decorations may be raffled after the dinner.

2.) GDA April Newsletter: March 4, 2015 is the deadline for article submissions for the April newsletter. The newsletter could be expanded to 8 pages if enough articles are submitted. There had been several suggestions from GDA residents regarding content. The “Guidelines for Guest and Renters” handout will be included. The paragraph regarding dogs was amended to remove the words “on the beach.” It was suggested that a human interest story regarding a Drive resident would be well received. It was also suggested that County Board minutes could be abridged to include pertinent information for GDA residents. Dennis will talk with Biz Virlee about those County Board minutes. Also suggested was possibly a favorite recipe article. Fred may include some snippets from past history of the Drive particularly around the neighborhood watch program in his column from the President.

3.) Helicopter Tours: Fred explained a petition drive to prohibit a long term license for helicopter base operation at the Ephraim/Gibraltar airport.. The proposal for helicopter tours has been dropped for now. Jerry reviewed the whole process. Helicopters can still land at the Ephraim/Gibraltar airport by paying a fee for each landing.


1.) Fred suggested that members start thinking about new board members for 2015-2016. The 3 current Board members whose terms will expire were invited to extend for another 3 year term.

2.) Paul reported about the unfortunate closing of the Hitching Post restaurant.

3.) Placement of the neighborhood watch sign on the north side of the Drive will be discussed at the next Board meeting. Daryl Von Berg has been gracious enough to keep all of the lane signs painted.

4.) Annual meeting discussed. It will be held from 9-11 on July 11, 2015 at the Sevastopol Townhall. The summer picnic will be held after the annual meeting from 11-2pm at the Town Park. Sue, John and Paul will work on picnic options.

5.) Welcome back party: Will not be held this year.

Next Meeting: 3/30/15 at 9 am at the Sevastopol Town Hall

Adjournment 12:20 pm. Sue moved for adjournment. Amy seconded. Motion passed

Respectively Submitted; John Swanson

December 1, 2014

Sevastopol Town Hall

Directors Present: Fred Shumway, John Campbell, Amy Phimister, Judy Cramer, Dennis Marquardt, Paul Kasriel, Jerry Schomburg, John Swanson. Directors Absent: Sue Wehrli

Call to Order: President of the Board, Fred Shumway called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Guest Presentation: None

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the 9/29/2014 meeting were reviewed. No additions or corrections were suggested. Dennis M. moved to approve. Seconded by Judy C. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Amy Phimister presented the financial report from 9/29/2014 thru 12/01/2014,

Total expenses for the period were $904.19 Income was $205.

Checking account balance is $6,664.73

CD balance remains at $8,007.95

Total balance is $14,672.68

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Jerry S. and seconded by John C. Unanimous approval of the motion.

Old Business:

1. November Newsletter. Fred S. thanked Jerry S. and Paul K for their articles in the newsletter. He also complemented the editor, Judy C. for her work. The next newsletter will be published in April, 2015. It will include a tear-off application for membership renewal. Letters will go out in May as a reminder to members who had not yet renewed their membership.

2. Old Newsletter: Fred S. presented possibly the GDA first newsletter published in 1996. A neighborhood watch proposal was presented in that newsletter.

3. GDA Directory: A motion was made by Amy P, seconded by Jerry S. to affirm a 10/17/2014 email vote to approve of returning to publishing an annual GDA directory in January of each year (rather than an alternate year addendum). The motion also approved of editing and printing costs not to exceed the cost of the last directory. The new directory will have a black and white cover and non-glossy paper. It will include an alphabetic list of the GDA members including non-resident addresses and phone numbers where applicable, a separate list of fire-lane numbers, and will also include the names of the Board members. The motion passed unanimously.

4. Databases: A motion was made by Dennis M. and seconded by John C. to create the position of the “GDA Property Owner Information Manager.” This position was created to relieve the treasurer from the additional responsibilities of keeping 3 separate files: (1) List of all property owners {homes and open land along Glidden Drive}, (2) List of all GDA members who have paid their dues including primary mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. (3) List of property owners who qualify for the propane discount negotiated by the GDA Board. That list will be coordinated with the current propane vendor (Lakes Gas). The motion passed unanimously. Ward Cramer has volunteered to take this position. The data collected will be coordinated and shared with the Treasurer, Newsletter editor (Judy C.), and the Propane Liaison (Jerry S.)

5. Brochure for Visitors and Renters. Corrections to the brochure have been made John Campbell reported. A copy of the brochure will go out with the April newsletter. It will be posted on the GDA website. It can be shared with local Vacation Rental Organizations that wish to use it for their Glidden Drive rentals properties.

New Business:

1. Propane: Jerry S. reported that 104 GDA members have signed up with Lakes Gas. Other members may have elected to use other vendors. 5 individuals applied for the Lakes Gas discount but had not paid their dues. Phone calls were made by Fred S. and letters sent. 3 have now paid their dues. Further follow up will be made on the remaining 2 members.

2. Christmas Party: The Christmas party will be held on 12/06/2014 from 4-7 pm at the Sevastopol Town Hall. Jocelyn Barnes is coordinating the event. Paul K. arranged for some of the Sevastopol Community Chorus members to entertain the membership. Judy C. will contact Jocelyn about set up and ask Barb Mallien to again send emails reminding members of the event.

3. Winter Dinner: The event will be held at the Nightingale Dinner Club on 2/07/2015. Judy is writing the invitation letter which will have a reservation portion to tear off and mail back with a check. She will check on the food choices. John C. volunteered to print the mailing labels. Several Board Members agreed to meet at the Sevastopol Town Hall on 12/29/2014 at 9 am to stuff envelopes and apply labels.

4. CD Renewal: Motion by Fred S. and seconded by Dennis M. to authorize Amy P., the Treasurer, to investigate and negotiate the best FDIC insured Money Market or CD for the $4000 contingency Fund and $4007.95 “other” monies for a 12 month period. The motion passed unanimously.


1. Fred S. complimented Judy C. on the website. The website has been updated to include an application for GDA membership, Board Minutes, and the current and recent past newsletters. Board Minutes are not entered until they are approved. The cost of the website is $39.95 per year.

2. Amy P. had questions about returning checks to those members who had accidentally overpaid their dues. She will contact one individual who had overpaid by $5.00 to inquire about reimbursement.

3. The death of a neighbor, Noreen Sherrick. was announced. She may be the resident who has lived the longest on the Drive. The Board reviewed the conflicting decisions regarding memorials donated to residents on the Drive who have died from the GDA. Amy P. moved and John C. seconded a motion to continue to give individual Memorials of $50 to the Charity of the families choice for the remainder of this fiscal year (ending May 31, 2015.) Beginning July 1, 2015, the memorial monies will be included in the $500 donation that is made annually to a Door County organization which preserves natural places. The motion passed unanimously.

4.) It was suggested by Dennis M. that the wording of the by-laws be changed to limit the annual $500 contribution from the GDA to one organization. Currently, the verbiage indicates that up to $500 can be donated to multiple different organizations. Fred S. will present this to the GDA membership at the annual meeting.

Adjournment: Amy P moved and Judy C. seconded the motion. Passed unanimously. Adjourned at 11:35 a.m.

Respectively Submitted,

John Swanson Board Secretary

September 29, 2014

Sevastopol Town Hall

Directors Present: Fred Shumway, John Campbell, Amy Phimister, Judy Cramer Dennis Marquardt, Paul Kasriel, Jerry Schomburg, Sue Wehrli. Directors Absent: John Swanson

President Fred Shumway called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Guest Presentation:

There was no guest presentation.

President Fred Shumway asked for an opinion regarding the order of business on the meeting agenda regarding the guest presentation. There was discussion and it was decided to leave it as is.

Minutes of the August 11, 2014 meeting:

• Sue Wehrli moved to approve the minutes. Fred Shumway asked to change the a.m. to p.m. and Sue moved to approve with the change. Jerry Schomberg seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report:

• Amy Phimister gave the following report -- period 08/11/14 thru 09/29/14:

Checking Account: $7363.92

CD #746457: $8007.95

Total Checking and CD Accounts: $15271.87

• Amy Phimister then gave an accounting of income and expenses for the period, noting that dues of $140 were collected. There was a Reserve for Contingency in the amount of $4,000 set up in the CD account as had been brought to the attention of the Board by Rich Kinka.

• John Campbell moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Dennis Marquardt seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

* There was a discussion of the databases and it was decided that George’s was no longer current. Amy Phimister will maintain the active member database.

* The Board discussed the November newsletter. Jerry is waiting for an article on propane. Paul wrote an article on litter. The deadline for articles is Oct. 8. The newsletter is in mailboxes by Nov. 1. A suggestion was made to add an article about flower boxes at South and North ends of Glidden Drive.

* The Board discussed the directory. A suggestion was made that there should be an article about getting the dues in put in the March newsletter.

* There was a discussion about the Guidelines for Guests and Renters. It was decided to start with an opening introductory paragraph explaining the reason for the guidelines. It was suggested to shorten the beach access paragraph and mention the lanes and egress when on private property, update the “Fires and Fireworks” paragraph and add the speed limit section. A motion was made to adopt the Guidelines for Guests and Renters by Fred and was seconded by Sue Wehrli. The motion passed unanimously.

* There was a Biz Virlee discussion of the $100,000 set aside for a sewer system. The sanitary district has two ponds South of Valmy and a third in the works with the DNR. The ponds are near capacity but working. The chance of a sewer system being brought to Glidden Drive is remote according to Biz. The Board has decided that no further action is required to be taken at this time.

* There was a discussion of getting Daryl Von Berg to get a Neighborhood Watch sign at the North end of the drive. Currently, there is no active Neighborhood Watch team but all Glidden Drive residents are urged to stay alert and vigilant in reporting any untoward activities to the local authorities.

* It was suggested that the By Laws should be published on the GDA web site.

New Business:

* There was a discussion of the By Laws in regards to renters being able to be members of GDA and it was decided that only owners could join. The check received from the Donaldson’s should be sent back.

* The Xmas party will be Saturday, December 6 from 4:00-7:00 at the Sevastopol Town Hall. It is a potluck dinner.

* The Winter dinner will be at the Nightingale Supper Club on Saturday, February 7, 2015. There will be a 5:00-6:00 cash bar and then dinner at 6:00.


• Jerry Schomburg discussed the propane management and meetings with Dan Woelfel and Lakes Gas. The roster of members was compared to the one that Lake’s received and there were corrections made. There are issues with tanks. Some cannot be replaced because of the placement on the property.

Next Meeting:

* The next GDA meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 1, 2014.

* Dennis Marquardt moved to adjourn. John Campbell seconded. Motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 10:53 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Phimister, Treasurer

August 11, 2014

Sevastopol Town Hall

Directors Present: Fred Shumway, John Campbell, Amy Phimister, Judy Cramer Dennis Marquardt, Paul Kasriel, Jerry Schomburg, Sue Wehrli

Directors Absent: John Swanson

President Fred Shumway called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Guest Presentation: Dan Woelfel, Propane Negotiator, presented the historical backdrop to the development of propane contract negotiations stating that about 8 years ago GDA member Tom Jung and Brian Troutman from the Bayshore Drive Association implemented the first joint effort. Dan joined in after Tom stepped down and has continued to work in partnership with Brian. Currently many associations, large volume business users, churches and the town of Sevastopol are part of the negotiated contract and use 800,000 gallons of propane. This year they met with 4 suppliers (Ferrellgas, Milton, Amerigas, Lakes) weighing terms and conditions as well as the base site of the supplier. Negotiations were conducted for 2 months. Dan described the job responsibilities of an association propane coordinator, as GDA needs to find a new coordinator to take over since Jim Huhta’s resignation in July 2014. Dan outlined what member information needs to be obtained and made available in a transferrable file format to be provided to a propane supplier at each contractual year. The board thanked Dan for serving as interim GDA coordinator and the time he spent to get an acceptable propane user members list into Lakes hands to assure contracts would go out in a timely manner.

Minutes of the June 2, 2014 meeting:

• Sue Wehrli moved to approve the minutes. Judy Cramer seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report:

• Amy Phimister gave the following report -- period 06/01/14 thru 08/10/14:

Checking Account: $7223.92

CD #746457: $8000.00

Total Checking and CD Accounts: $15231.87

• Amy Phimister then gave an accounting of income and expenses for the period, noting that the picnic caterer’s (Biebel’s) refund was accounted in Picnic receipts.

• John Campbell moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Sue Wehrli seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

• After revisiting the job responsibilities of the propane coordinator outlined by Dan Woelfel, Jerry Schomburg accepted the position. Jerry will initially work with Amy to develop and maintain a current propane user member list.

• Amy Phimister agreed to develop a file for member information, keep it updated and supply this file information for newsletter mailings and other GDA mailings.

• Sue Wehrli accepted the position of Social Events Coordinator and will solicit committees from the membership as needed.

• The board discussed a merger of the Annual Membership Meeting and the Annual Summer Picnic. Dennis Marquardt made a motion and Sue Wehrli seconded to merge the picnic with the annual meeting to be held at the Sevastopol Town Hall on Sat. July 11, 2015 beginning with the meeting at 11:00 a.m. followed by a potluck lunch. The motion passed unanimously.

• Fred Shumway read the current sample of a condolence letter Kathy Shumway, membership liaison, sends to families of a deceased member that reflects the recent changes passed at the June 2, 2014 board meeting. The board discussed identifying a charity for the 2015 group memorial contribution. John Campbell made a motion and Sue Wehrli seconded that we stipulate a restricted donation to The Shivering Sands Protection Fund of The Nature Conservancy as the recipient of the group memorial gift. The motion passed unanimously.

• Judy Cramer shared a draft of a membership application form and the board gave additional input to the development of a new form. Judy will create the new form and supply Kathy Shumway and the board with a document file copy.

• Several board members shared a variety of covenant documents that were attached to their deeds. This was for informational purposes at this time.

• Fred brought to the board’s attention that no one on the board has a copy of the revised By Laws that were enacted July 13, 2013. Dennis Marquardt volunteered to type the revised By Laws and get a copy to each board member. Amy Phimister asked if there was a declaration for these By Laws. Dennis suggested to Amy that she try to locate the articles of incorporation that may have a reference to the By Laws. The By Laws will be posted on the website with a note in a future newsletter informing members that they can access the By Laws at this location.

New Business:

• At last month’s Annual Meeting, Laddie Chapman presented the membership with a suggested brochure/information sheet for residents, tenants and guests. The board reviewed this brochure and the consensus was that this could be of value to rental agencies that oversee the rental of Glidden Drive residences. John Campbell will revamp the brochure and send it out to each board member for further input.

• John Swanson submitted a list of items for discussion. Fred Shumway presented the following:

-Neighborhood Watch sign for the north end of Glidden Drive. Fred will contact

Darrell von Berg and ask if he could get a sign erected.

-Adopt a Highway Program for Glidden Drive. Alternative ideas to a formal,

organized Adopt a Highway Program for the drive were discussed. The board

was not sure if there was an identified problem or concern from any members as

John was not in attendance to clarify any inquiries the board had during the

discussion. Several board members suggested a general article be put in the

newsletter addressing litter and encouraging residents to “adopt” a section of

road near their property. A suggestion to put some large pots of flowers at both

ends of the drive was offered as a step to beatification as well as a visual

welcome. It was noted that on the north end of the drive there is no permanent

entry structure to Glidden Drive like the one on the south end. This will be

tabled until John Swanson is available to identify any specific issues that may

have been presented to him by a resident.

-Annual weed removal in lanes. This will be tabled until John Swanson is available

to identify any specific issues that may have been presented to him by a resident.

Several board members stated that currently Laddie Chapman, Gary Henger and

Jerry Schomburg have been weeding the lanes on the north end of the drive.

• Deadline for submissions for the November newsletter is October 8, 2014. The directory will not be published this year per the board vote on Feb. 3, 2014. An addendum was to be included in this year’s July newsletter but due to many late submitted renewals the board decided to put the addendum in the November newsletter this year. To date there is not a current listing of additions and corrections available to create the addendum. Fred Shumway has set up a work time for any available board members to meet on Sept. 8, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. at his home (#3711) to compile the information needed for the addendum. Anyone attending should bring any file information they may have to aid in updating the membership list.

• Fred shared a newsletter from D.P.O. (Door County Property Owners). This organization has been sending a copy of their newsletter to the GDA P.O. Box address.


• Ward Cramer submitted a document of his interpretation of John Brogan’s comments at the GDA annual meeting this past July as he felt it warranted some decision of action by the board. In response to Biz Virlee’s update on county activities, especially the highway department’s plans for resurfacing of Glidden Drive, John shared historical informational details of the terms of the financing of the sewer district’s current facilities. John wanted to make GDA members aware of the financial risks and possibility of unanticipated and unwanted sewer system construction on Glidden Drive, no matter how unlikely. The board decided that the action they could take at this time would be to contact Biz Virlee, our governing representative of the town board and share Ward’s summary of John Brogan’s details of the contractual obligation of the sewer district which may have future ramifications for the Glidden Drive community. Fred Shumway will contact Biz and give him the summary document submitted by Ward Cramer.

• In response to Rich Kinka’s inquiry addressing why the $4000 contingency fund was not shown separate outside of the CD account, Amy will change this to a separate line item in her accounting.

• Jerry Schomburg made a motion and Paul Kasriel seconded that a $50 gift certificate to Donny’s Glidden Drive Restaurant to be given to Dan Woelfel in appreciation for his additional time and efforts in putting together an acceptable GDA member propane user list for Lakes Gas and serving as our interim propane coordinator. Motion passed unanimously.

Next Meeting:

The next GDA meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 29, 2014.

Dennis Marquardt moved to adjourn. John Campbell seconded. Motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Cramer

Board Member 

June 2, 2014

Sevastopol Town Hall

Directors Present: Laddie Chapman, Dennis Marquardt, Fred Shumway, John Swanson, Sue Wehrli, Judy Cramer, Gary Henger

Directors Absent: John Campbell

President Gary Henger called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Minutes of the April 7, 2014 meeting:

• Laddie Chapman moved to approve the minutes. Sue Wehrli seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report:

• Dennis Marquardt gave the following report -- period 04/07/14 thru 06/01/14,

which represents the GDA’s fiscal year-end report.

Checking Account: $6618.93

CD #746457: $8000.00

Total Checking and CD Accounts: $14,618.93

• Dennis Marquardt then gave an accounting of income and expenses for the period.

• Mr. G’s has not sent us a bill for the $21.00 they say we owe for the Winter Dinner.

• Door County’s Soil and Water Conservation Department has not yet cashed our check for $500.00.

• Dennis Marquardt reported that 179 owners have paid this year’s GDA annual dues to date, with 72 owners late in paying. Dennis will send out a late reminder at the end of the month, and another reminder in the July newsletter.

• Laddie Chapman moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Gary Henger seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

• Gary Henger reported that the Door County Highway Department will install speed-warning signs on Glidden Drive near Shivering Sands. It is not sure what the signs will say, nor when they will be installed.

• John Swanson reported on the 3 garbage companies that serve Glidden Drive. There is no advantage for the GDA Board to recommend any one company for garbage pickup. Members will be informed of this inquiry in the next newsletter.

• Darrel Von Berg reported to Gary Henger that Sevastopol’s Plan Commission has

stated that forest-side lanes between Glidden Drive and Schmock Drive are owned by either Door County or the Town of Sevastopol. No proposals or changes are planned at this time by decision of the Plan Commission.

• The committee made up of Dennis Marquardt, Judy Cramer, Kathy Shumway, and John Campbell will continue to work on a new member application form for the G.D.A. This committee will meet after the July newsletter has been printed.

• Dan Woelfel reported to Gary Henger that Ferrelgas is not prone to enter into a new contract with us at present. Dan continues to work with them and will report back to us in the future. Our contract with Ferrelgas expired on May 31, 2014.

New Business:

• The GDA sends condolence cards to families of deceased GDA members. Dennis Marquardt recommended that these cards state that before our annual meeting a check will be sent to a Door County charity in the name of the deceased. Dennis would send one check as a memorial for all deceased during the current fiscal year, and all deceased would be mentioned in tribute at the annual meeting. A motion to this end was made by Fred Shumway and seconded by John Swanson. It passed unanimously.

• Gary Henger and Dennis Marquardt announced that Chris Comeford will audit GDA’s books on June 30th at 10:00 a.m.

• Gary Henger announced that Jerry Schomburg has agreed to serve as a director of the GDA. Sue Werhli will contact Amy Phimister to confirm her intention to serve as a director, and another candidate for director is a maybe at this time.

• John Swanson and Sue Wehrli reported on plans for our summer picnic. The picnic will be held August 2, 2014 at the Sevastopol Town Park Pavilion from noon to 3:00 p.m. A motion was made by John Swanson and seconded by Laddie Chapman to hire Biebel’s Catering again this year, at a cost of $20.00 per adult and $10.00 for 12 years and younger. An amendment to the motion was made by Gary Henger and seconded by Fred Shumway to keep the kids under 12 cost at $5.00. The amendment passed with one negative vote by Laddie Chapman. The amended motion then passed unanimously.

• Laddie Chapman reported on the beech tree disease in the Town of Sevastopol with the resulting tree cuttings by the county. A forthcoming You Tube interview on this subject with Peter Devlin was recommended to us all.

• Gary Henger reviewed for discussion the agenda for our coming annual meeting.

• Gary Henger reported on the successful welcome back party held on the 31st of May at the townhall. There were 37 attendees. The Sevastopol Town Hall is quite acceptable for this event, though we discussed alternative locations and times. Should commercial establishments be considered in the future, we may consider Mr. G’s or Leathem Smith and possibly move the times ahead - either 3:30 to 5:30 or 4 to 6.

• Gary Henger read aloud a letter from Jane Hensge, the GDA Social Chairman, in which she announced, due to family considerations, her decision to resign her position for one year. We thank her for her generous service and look forward to her return.

• Fred Shumway recommended we publish the current GDA directors’ terms.

Gary Henger and Laddie Chapman – terms end in 2014

Judy Cramer, Dennis Marquardt, and Sue Wehrli – terms end in 2015

Fred Shumway, John Swanson, and John Campbell – terms end in 2016

Member Input:

• There was none

Next Meeting:

• The GDA Annual Membership Meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m. on July 12, 2014 at Sevastopol Town Hall. Come at 9:30 a.m. for coffee and conversation.

• The next GDA Board Meeting for directors and interested GDA members will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, August 4, 2014, at Sevastopol Town Hall.

• Laddie Chapman moved to adjourn. John Swanson seconded. Motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 11:17 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Shumway, Male Secretary, Oligarch of Orthography