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Visit to find out about the projects and initiatives the Community Foundation supports and for more information on ways to give through the Community Foundation such as Donor Advised Funds, Discretionary Funds or creating a philanthropic legacy though your Estate Plans. You can also find a complete comprehensive list of the charities in Door County. is the place to go for charities in Door County who wish to apply for a grant from the Community Foundation.

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Celebrate Civility

In appreciation of your commitment to civility, you are warmly invited to Civility Matters hosted by the Door County Civility Project commemorating its 4th anniversary. Join others who are committed to civility at Civility Matters.

The program will feature Milton Thompson, author of The Only One in the Room. Throughout his life, especially while working as a high-profile professional in the Midwest, Thompson was often the only African American in his circles. A minister and educator, he uses the backdrop of his personal journey to skillfully and knowledgeably assess where we've been as a nation, where we are now, and what we can do to help our nation heal.

Civility Matters

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

at Stone Harbor Conference Center

Hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar will be available

Please register if you are able to join us. A voluntary contribution of $20 is greatly appreciated. Contributions are voluntary, and all guests will be welcomed whether a donation is made.

RSVP here or by calling 920.746.1786.

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Sustainability Grants Awarded to Björklunden and Peninsula Players

The Door County Community Foundation recently awarded Peninsula Players a Sustainability Grant from the Arts Fund to support the program, The Play's the Thing. Components of the program involve offering free, off-season play readings to the public and also provides opportunities for students to receive play writing instruction that culminates in a play writing contest.

"These readings provided the community with the enriching opportunity to hear plays read aloud that would not normally be produced at the Players due to their size, nature or complexity," said Grace Rossman, Board Member of the Door County Community Foundation.

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The Door County Community Foundation recently awarded Lawrence University and Björklunden vid Sjön a Sustainability Grant from the Education Fund. This grant will help Björklunden provide numerous arts, culture, historical and educational opportunities to Door County residents year-round.

"Björklunden's numerous offerings fill a gap in available year-round, lifelong education opportunities in the liberal arts by providing plentiful, diverse learning opportunities to Door County residents and visitors," said Bret Bicoy, President and CEO of the Door County Community Foundation.

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These are just a few of the grants awarded by the Family of Funds at the Door County Community Foundation. The Community Foundation has several granting programs that offer financial awards to charity from funds such as the Arts Fund, Children & Youth Fund, Green Fund, Health & Human Needs Fund, Education Fund, Historic Preservation Fund, Healthy Water Fund, and the Women's Fund.

For more information about the Community Foundation's services and various grant programs, please visit us online or contact us.

Upcoming Grant Application Deadlines

Community Foundation Sustainability Grants: Thursday, April 6th

Door County Service Club Coalition Youth Mini Grants: Monday, May 1st

Healthy Water Door County Grants: Tuesday, May 2nd

Women's Fund of Door County Sustainability Grants: Monday, September 25th

Endowments in Action: Sunshine House

The Community Foundation is honored to administer theSunshine House, Inc. Fund.

Sunshine House Inc. is a diverse community service, non-profit organization whose purpose is to support a meaningful day through person centered care. Since 1971 Sunshine House has helped create options for people with physical and/or developmental disabilities in Door County and is currently expanding their services to include seniors and those with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, early stage memory loss and the medically frail.

Each year over 20,000 individual passenger rides are provided traveling over 80,000 miles for clients at Sunshine House. Other programs and services include Day Services and an expansion into Adult Day Care with activities such as reading, music, community outings, recreation and arts & crafts. Production services include assembly. packaging, bulk mailing and custodial work with an emphasis on providing paid positions that offer pre-vocational training, supported employment and community job placement.

Please consider incorporating a gift to this endowment in your estate plans. Speak with your attorney, accountant or other estate planning professional. Or contact the Community Foundation and we'd be glad to help facilitate your generosity.

Give Door County Publications Available for Download

The Community Foundation produces several publications and information sheets to help you craft a strategy to give back in the most effective - and tax efficient - way possible. There are also wonderful ideas of where you might choose to give.

Download them from the Community Foundation.Our Guide to Endowments highlights different charities so families have options to consider when giving back - either today or through their estate plans. You can download an Introductory Brochure that explains the most popular charitable Funds at the Community Foundation - along with information sheets for Donor Advised Funds, Discretionary Funds, Scholarship Funds and more.

Download any these documents and more, or contact us and and we'd be glad to send them to you. And if you're an attorney, accountant, investment adviser, or trust officer, we'll send a supply of Guides, Introductory Brochures, or other materials (and display holders) for use in your office. Just contact us at the Community Foundation.

This is just another way the Community Foundation is encouraging people to give back to sustain and advance the community we love!

The Community Foundation's Board of Directors

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