2019 Minutes

PDF Versions of 2019 Minutes

Glidden Drive Association Board Meeting May 9, 2019

Members Present: Nancy Goldberg, Jane Hensge, Paul Kasriel, Chris Comeford, Danny Mantynband, Amy Phimister

Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m.

Minutes from previous meeting: Motion by Amy to approve, second by Jane; approved

Financials:See attached.

Recently 10 more members signed up for a total of 80 so far. Motion to approve by Paul, second by Danny; approved.

Website: A new format is being worked on due to changes by Google.

Maintenance: One new sign is down due to damage by a backing auto. Guy Fortrin has been contacted and will repaired. Nancy repaired the fire sign on Pebble Lane.

Social: Jane will order food for the annual meeting. Linda Szepanik to take over with Jane. Cookies will be provided by Chris, Nancy, and Jane.

Membership: Chris has contacted new members by e-mail and received a nice response.

Agenda for the annual Meeting:

1. Year in review: Repaving of road and memorial.

2. Chris will email the minutes from last annual meeting to Anne for inclusion on the website.

3. There will be a public forum regarding ATV use on roads. Date to be determined. On record as opposing ATV traffic. No regulations for ATV use on Rustic Roads.

4. Social Gatherings.

5. Website

6. Fire danger

7. Treasurer Report

8. Social report

9. Speaker on proposed changes to ambulance service.

Proposed slate: Gretchen DeCoster Linda and Jim Szepanik Paula Latta In reserve: Lynn Grebus and Mark Elste Lunch will follow the annual meeting.

Adjournment: 10:01


Meeting called to order at 8:20 am by Nancy Goldberg

Members Present: Nancy Goldberg, Danny Mantynbad, Paul Kasriel, Amy Phimister,

Jane Hensge, Chris Comeford

Minutes: Motion to approve minutes approved as published.

Treasurer’s Report: See attached. Currently 197 paid members. Money from the CD

will be transferred to checking account to supplement social event subsidies and lane

sign replacements. A motion to substitute a cash donation to the chorus in lieu of

providing food at the Christmas Party was made by Paul, second by Jane and


Winter Dinner: Scheduled for February 23 at the Nightingale. Cocktails at 5:30; Dinner

at 6:00. We will be seated in the front dining room. Cost: $31.00 per person; includes

dinner, coffee, dessert, tax and tip.

Directory: Almost finished. Every effort has been made to include all paid members.

Website: A suggestion to scan the History of Glidden Drive to the website was made by

Jane. The format of the website will be changing due to changes at Google.

Suggested dates for upcoming events: Next meeting, May 9; Annual Meeting: June 15;

Picnic August 10, alternate date August 17. Chris will contact Amy Flok to secure dates.

A possible slate of new members for the board was discussed.

Jim Szczepanik: has already volunteered

Terry and/or John Busby. (Danny will contact)

Ralph and Paula Latta (Danny will contact)

Gretchen DeCoster (Chris will contact)

Mark Elste (Amy will contact)

Basil Mundy (Nancy will contact)

Ginny Zdenalik (Chris will contact)

FYI: Paul mentioned upcoming choral concerts.

Next Meeting: May 9 at 9:00 at the Sevastopol Town Hall