2018 Minutes

GDA Annual Meeting - JUNE 16, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 10:07 by board member Jane Hensge, presiding in the absence of president Nancy Goldberg.

Board Members Present: Jane Hensge, Danny Mantynband, Amy Phimister, Chris Comeford, Frank Lubinski

Guest: Kyle Luedtke, Sevastopol School Superintendent

Minutes from the 2017 annual meeting were read by secretary Chris Comeford.

Motion to approve by; seconded by Fred Shumway; approved

Treasurer’s Report: (see attached)

There were 219 members in the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Currently 148 members have paid dues for 2018-2019.

Donations were: $500 to Friends of Whitefish Dunes

$300 to Sevastopol Schools for attendance at Trees for Tomorrow

$250 to Whitefish Dunes State Park

$250 to Nature Conservancy Shivering Sands

$500 for safety signs for proposed bike route

Social: Jane Hensge reported that new ideas surfaced this year which made events more fun. Next event is the picnic at Sevastopol Town Park on August 25. Details to follow.

Maintenance: Research is still being done on replacements for lane signs. There were member concerns about: Lines being down and crossing property, presumably Charter. People involved were encouraged to contact Charter. Jane Hensge will also contact Charter on behalf of the membership. Having the speed board on the road was viewed as positive.

Website: In Nancy’s absence no report.

Membership: Chris Comeford reported that there was an increase of 5 members from the previous year. Mailings to non-member residents were sent out to encourage participation.

Bylaws: proposed changes were summarized prior to a motion to accept. A motion to accept proposed changes was made by Jocelyn Barnes and seconded by Gary Henger. Approved.

Election of Board Members: The following slate was presented: Nancy Goldberg, Paul Kasriel, Amy Phimister, Frank Lubinski, Jane Hensge, Danny Mantynband, Chris Comeford. The slate was elected by voice vote.

Kyle Luedtke, Sevastopol School Superintendent gave the following report: Sevastopol ranks second highest in the state in its class for achievement. There are 40 students in English Language Learner programs. In September, 2017 a citizen’s committee of 35 members convened to study issues relating to the aging building. After 13 meetings, 2 options emerged as choices for referendum. A survey was mailed to all property owners registered to vote in the district. They are to be returned by June 25. The survey company will collect the data and report to the Board of Education onJuly 10. It was noted by several homeowners that non-resident property owners who also pay taxes were not included in the mailings and many are totally ignorant of the proposals. As it is too late to rectify the situation, it was recommended that members contact the school board. The issue of consolidation was not considered because a 2008 report indicated that neither Gibraltar or Sturgeon Bay was interested in consolidation. New communication on the matter was strongly urged by several members. There is a University of Wisconsin study on projected enrollment numbers. Jocelyn Barnes urged that it be put on our website. The school board member information can be obtained from the school Facebook page.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.