2017 Minutes

GDA Board Meeting- NOVEMBER 7, 2017

Members Present: Nancy Goldberg, Amy Phimister, Paul Kasriel, Danny Mantynband, Chris Comeford

The meeting was called to order at 8:58 by Nancy.

Minutes of the September 19th meeting were reviewed. Motion to approve by Amy, seconded by Paul, and approved.

There was clarification needed of the date for the Christmas party. The date is December 2nd.

Treasurer’s Report: see attached. There are 211 members. Donations approved at the last meeting were sent. A thank you note was received from Sevastopol School. Motion to accept by Paul, seconded by Chris, and approved

Maintenance: Paul drove with the Highway Department to mark trees in the right-of way to be removed. John K. met with Nancy and Amy (Highway Dept.). Glidden Drive is still slated in the budget for 2018 paving. Bike safety with the new trails was discussed. A decision to hold replacing lane signs until after tree removal was made.

Website: Updates were made. E-mail blasts seem to reach more members and work best.

Directory: Still a work in progress. There are problems with formatting.

Membership: Currently there are 211 members. 67 letters to non-members were sent. An updated membership list will be sent to Chris.

Christmas Party: December 2 from 5:00 – 7:00 with entertainment by the Door County Community Choir to begin around 6:15. Catering will be by Scaturo’s. Decorations by Jane to be kept simple. Cost is $12.00 per person in keeping with the theme of the 12 days of Christmas. The board will provide Christmas cookies.

Winter dinner: will look at February 17 for a possible date and check out Mr. G’s and Leatham Smith as possible sites.

Bylaws revision: tabled until January meeting.

Phragmites: The town of Sevastopol is addressing the issue aggressively and has begun spraying.

Next meeting is January 2 at 9:00a.m.

GDA Board Meeting - September 19, 2017

Members Present: Amy Phimister, Paul Kasriel, Frank Lubinski, Jane Hensge, Nancy

Goldberg, Chris Comeford, Danny Mantynband

The meeting was called to order by President Nancy Goldberg at 9:00 a.m.

The minutes from the July 11th meeting were reviewed. Motion to approve was made by

Amy, seconded by Frank. Approved.

Treasurer’s Report: See attached. Four additional members paid since the report for a

total of 207 members. Motion to approve by Chris, seconded by Paul. Approved.


A $50 gift certificate was presented to Jerry Schomburg for service over and above

expectations. The phragmites identification program involved walking the entire drive.

Plants were found at 3701. The DNR was notified. Sevastopol has contracted to treat

affected areas. There is a $50 charge to spray. If additional spraying is necessary the

town will split the cost with the homeowner.

Propane Report: The contracts have been sent to homeowners.

WPS Gas project: has been cancelled due to the geology of the drive and right-of way


Picnic: was successful. The games kept people from leaving right after eating.

Concerns were expressed regarding subsidizing the picnic. After discussion it was

agreed to have no subsidy for the winter dinner, to increase the charge for the

Christmas party, and to continue to subsidize the annual meeting and picnic.

Maintenance: Improvements of the lane signs was discussed. George Wentz

researched costs for metal signs. Two-sided signs and posts would be maintenance

free and would cost $866 excluding labor. More information was requested including

pictures. Also we would like to keep the wooden posts if possible. The secretary will

send a note to George.

Sturgeon Bay Bike Loop: The Bayshore HOA is asking Sevastopol for money for

signage. So far Bayshore has contributed $1000, and Whitefish Bay $500. A motion

was made by Nancy, seconded by Jane to contribute $500 to the DC Bicycle Plan to

support signage for increased safety on Glidden Drive and to e-mail Sevastopol

supervisors to voice our safety concerns. Motion carried. Nancy will talk to John K.

about our concerns and desire to lower the speed limit and to inquire if this will affect the

timeline for repaving. Paul will also talk to John K regarding dead trees on county right-


Membership: Letters will go out to non-members to encourage joining GDA. Will look

into devising a new membership packet and obtaining branded coffee.

New Business:

Directory: Due to family issues the Cramers will not be doing the directory this year.

Nancy will work with the web master to produce the book this year. Preliminary pricing

was obtained from Office Max.

Bylaws review: tabled until the next meeting.

Donations: A motion was made by Jane, seconded by Danny to make the following

donations: $300 to Sevastopol schools to sponsor a school trip, $250 to the Friends of

Whitefish Dunes, and $250 to the Nature Conservancy.

Christmas Party: availability of the Town Hall will be checked and a date selected.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45.

Next meeting is November 11.

GDA Annual Meeting - June 9, 2017

Call to order: 10:05 by president Jerry Schomburg

Guests: Tim Ditman, fire chief; Biz Virlee, county supervisor; Amy Flock, town clerk

Board Members Present:

Frank Lubinski, Richard Buscher, Amy Phimister, Paul Kasriel,

Jane Hensge, Nancy Goldberg, Chris Comeford


Motion to approve minutes from 2016 annual meeting was made by Fred

Shumway and seconded by Tom Girman. Approved.

In Memoriam

: Former GDA member Joanne Conklin was remembered.

The Year in Review:

1. A new ordinance regarding public water (shore, creeks, wetlands) was

effective in February. There are restrictions on non-permeable structures on

your land. Contact DC Planning for permits on shore land or any questions

you may have.

2. Help is needed to identify phragmites and invasives. Contact Sevastopol

Town and Task Force (coordinated by the DNR).

3. 7 miles of Glidden Drive have been repaved. The next phase to grind and

be done in 2018.

4. Whitefish Bay Road will be repaved this year from Valmy to Nelson Lane.

5. The final Report on Aging in Door County is available. See Sarah Buscher for


6. Guidelines for renters was revised.

Treasurer’s Report:

1. As of May 31, 2017 checking account balance is $9632.98. Certificate of

deposit balance is $8,048.27 for a total of $17,681.25.

2. Fiscal year 2016-2017 books were reviewed by Chris Comeford and found

to be in order.

3. There were 213 members last fiscal year. This year only 150 have paid

thus far.

4. A motion to approve the report was made by Biz Virlee and seconded by

Bill Hensge. Approved.


Jane Hensge thanked everyone for support of this year’s social events. The picnic date

is August 26 at the Town Park. The menu to be determined. It was noted that we have

probably outgrown the Nightingale for the winter dinner. Any suggestions are welcome.


1.Paul Kasriel noted that the county right of way is from the midpoint of the road to

33 feet. The county will pay to remove trees within the right of way. Contact the

Highway Department.

2. The Rustic Road sign at the south end of the drive is to be replaced by the state.

3. Wisconsin Public Service does not do pre-emptive tree trimming, but will trim if a

limb is touching a line. Sturgeon Bay Utilities has a similar policy.

4. Maintenance of private lanes is left to residents.

5. Thanks to Jim Huhta and Jim Bornhoffen for sign maintenance.


1. Nancy Goldberg thanked all for completing membership forms online.

2. There are some “unwired” members (11 on record). Copies of news and

information are sent out 3 times per year. If you know a neighbor who does not

have internet access, please keep them informed.

3. FYI: The website did not say the Tin Plate restaurant was closed.


1. Currently 150 members have signed up for next year, including 11 new members.

2. Reminders will be sent out to those who have not paid.

3. Suggestions for improving membership will be discussed by the board and acted

upon accordingly.


Negotiations are ongoing to determine next year’s pricing. As soon as the

contract is signed, customer contracts will be mailed. A price increase is likely but the

amount unknown at this time.

Fire Chief Tim Ditman:

1. Fireworks and open burning permits are issued by the town, not the fire

department. Permits are issued for a specific day and you should inform the fire

department when burning. Burn barrel permits are not needed. Campfires are

permitted in a contained area. If the fire department is called for fireworks

violations a citation will be issued.

2. Installation of a Knox Box is encouraged. It contains a key for your home that

only the fire department can use to prevent them having to break into your home.

It can be used with Life Alert.

3. The fire department personnel are experts in car seat installation and will be glad

to assist you.

Town Clerk Amy Flock :

1. A retirement party for Leo Zipperer is planned for June 26.

2. The next board meeting is June 19 with a program on climate change.

3. The dairy breakfast will be held at 5238 Hwy 42.


1. A motion to reduce the number of board members from 9 to 7 was made by Jerry

Schomburg and seconded by Chris Comeford. Approved

2. Danny Mantynband was elected by voice vote.

3. A motion was made by Amy Phimister and seconded by Kathy Lubinski to

change the bylaws to reflect the new numbers with board approval. Motion


John Swanson reported on the 50 th anniversary of Whitefish Dunes as a state natural

area and then a state park to be celebrated July 14, 2017.

Thanks were given to the Swansons for their work with new members and the Cramers

for their work with maintaining membership information and the directory.

GDA Board Meeting Minutes - MAY 9, 2017

Present: Jerry Schomburg, Amy Phimister, Jane Hensge, Paul Kasriel, Frank Lubinski Richard Buscher, Nancy Goldberg, Chris Comeford

Guests: Danny Mantynband, Ward Cramer

The meeting was called to order by president Jerry Schomburg at 9:00 a.m.

Minutes from March 20 were reviewed. Moved to approve by Amy, seconded by Frank, approved.

Treasurer’s Report: a revision to the March 20 report which includes winter dinner receipts was presented. Move to approve by Jane, second by Nancy, approved. The May 8 report was presented including a bill for January/February website expenses. Move to approve by Jane, second by Richard, approved.

A proposed budget was presented by Amy. Since it is a guideline no formal approval was needed, and it will not be presented at the annual meeting.

Social Committee: See Annual Meeting

Maintenance: No report

Website: The bulletin board is going well. Things running smoothly.

Membership: No report

Propane: No report

New Business:

  1. Welcome back party: Chris presented menus from Scaturo’s, Econo Foods, and Fatzo’s. The group agreed to use Fatzo’s to cater the lunch. Chris and Jane will coordinate. RSVP’s will be gotten from the website to estimate number of attendees.

  2. Agenda items:

1. Minutes from last annual meeting

2. Financial reports

3. In memoriam: Chris will coordinate names to include

4. Year in review

5. Guest speakers

6. Committee reports

7. Board nominations/elections

  1. Board of Directors solicitations: Guest Danny expressed some willingness to serve. He will consider. There was discussion of reducing the board size to 7 from 9, which will require a change to the bylaws. The possibility of voting a change at the annual meeting was discussed.

  2. Use of board funds: Richard expressed concerns that we have a plan for using excess funds. It was agreed that projects that would benefit Glidden Drive would be appropriate. Examples would be the Shivering Sands/Dunes Lake project or phragmites eradication.

  3. Future social/business events. Possible dates for the picnic were discussed. Late August was suggested. Jerry will check available dates for the town park.

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 10:15