2016 Minutes

GDA Board Meeting - October 4, 2016

Members Present: Jerry Schomburg, Amy Phimister, Paul Kasriel, Nancy Goldberg,

Frank Lubinski, Dick Buscher, Chris Comeford

The meeting was called to order at 8:58 by President Jerry Schomburg.

Minutes of August 16 meeting: Motion to approve by Amy, seconded by Frank and


Treasurer’s Report: (See attached)

 There are 210 members as of this date.

 Amy suggested a budget be in place for next year due to the subsidies of parties

and the expense of the directory and website. Amy will produce one for board

discussion. After board approval the budget will be published on the website prior

to the annual meeting.

 Motion to approve report was made by Chris, seconded by Nancy and approved.


 The sign for Arrowhead Lane has been completed and will be installed

 Tree trimming on Goldenrod Lane will be done.


 Members are utilizing the website and e-mail

 Some suggestions from members;

The new member section should be more timely.

Create a tab for properties for rent or sale. It was decided this was not our


 Six members have been identified as having no internet access and 12 members

did not give an e-mail address.

Membership: Two names of new members were passed on to John and Deanna


Propane: Tanks are starting to be filled.

Renters guidelines; Amended version addressing dog barking has been placed on the

website. Board approval of the new version obtained by e-mail. Dick will contact rental


Board Vacancy: It was decided to create a letter to be sent to prospective candidates.

Jerry will compose a letter.

​Directory: Copies of the new directory have been sent to members. Updates will be

sent via e-mail to members.

A gift certificate will be presented to the Shumways at the Christmas party in recognition

of their years of service.

Christmas Party:

 Catering menus were discussed and Scaturo’s was chosen.

 Invitation will be by e-vite.

 The cost will be $10 per person which will be paid by check to GDA, preferably

by mail prior to the party

 There will be a $500 cap on expenses from the treasury.

 A motion to approve all of the above was made by Amy, seconded by Dick and


 Chris will convey these results to Jane Hensge.

Winter Dinner:

 The first choice for the date is 2/18/2017; alternate date 2/25/17

 The Nightingale is our choice of venue.

 Chris will convey this information to Jane.

Insurance: Jerry and Amy will contact the Jilot Insurance Agency to clarify coverage.

Guest Policy: The president will set guidelines.

Next meeting: November 15, 2016 at 9:00a.m.

Motion to adjourn made by Amy seconded by Larry and approved.

GDA BOARD MEETING - August 16, 2016

Members Present: Jerry Schomburg, Frank Lubinski, Amy Phimister, Paul Kasriel, Chris Comeford, Dick Buscher, Jane Hensge.

Guest: Tony Gurdak

The meeting was called to order at 9:03 by president Jerry Schomburg

Minutes from June 8 meeting: Moved for approval by Jane, second by Amy; approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Checking account balance: $8555.56; CD balance @0.18% interest: $8039.26 for a total of $16,584.82. Currently there are 206 members. 71 people attended the picnic and paid $10 per person. The actual cost was $18.95 per person. Two tax returns were filed with a fee of $10. Moved for approval by Jane, seconded by Dick; approved.

Committee Reports:

Social: Jane reported that the picnic was a success, despite the late arrival of DC Custom Meats. Leftovers were taken away by the vendor. Some communication difficulties were experienced. Jane will explore different vendors for next year.

The Christmas party is booked for December 3. Jane will check out the possibility of catering vs. having people bring food. Also the possibility of sending out an e-mail invite was explored. The idea of having a crazy winter hat contest was suggested. Hopefully the Sevastopol choir will again provide entertainment. Jane will explore caterers and get back to us.

Maintenance: A hanging branch on White Pine Lane was trimmed and a fire sign repaired. Maintenance of lane signs is underway.

Website: Jerry is proposing some changes to the President’s Message portion of the website. He would like to replace it with an ongoing column where board members could contribute pertinent information. Jerry will contact Anne Peters with his thoughts.

Propane: Contracts have gone out to members.


New Directory: Judy Cramer is suggesting printing 240 copies of the directory. The cost is $3.30 per copy. There are currently 202 members. Extra copies will be available for new members and for those members requesting additional copies. A charge of $5.00 was suggested to cover the actual cost plus mailing. A motion was made by Chris to accept Judy’s recommendations seconded by Frank, and approved.

Board Vacancy: It was agreed to keep each other apprised of possible candidates. An odd number of members is desirable for voting purposes.

Road Repair: Should take place at the end of September, after the Door County Century bike ride.

Speed Limit: No action at this time.

Dog Barking Policy: Dick expressed concern that renter’s pets were causing a disturbance with excessive barking. It was decided to cite the Sevastopol anti-barking ordinance in the rules for renters. Dick will work on addition and forward it to members for approval.

Recognition of Fred & Kathy Shumway’s years of service: The Shumway’s have served the Glidden Drive Association for 5 years. Jerry proposed recognizing their service with a gift certificate to Glidden Lodge. A motion to purchase a gift certificate was made by Amy, second by Dick and approved.

New Members: John and Deanna Swanson have agreed to take over contacting new residents regarding membership in GDA.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

The next meeting will be October 4 at 9:00 a.m. and November 15, pending availability of the conference room.

Respectfully Submitted

Chris Comeford

GDA Annual Meeting - July 16, 2016

While the minutes of the annual meeting will not be approved officially until next year, here is a brief recap. Any questions, please contact us at gdanews2015@gmail.com.

Jim Fox discussed the recent DNR Wetland Rule expansion and how it has affected access to property that he has on the drive. For a link to his earlier report click here. He suggested that GDA residents that own any properties designated as wetlands, contact the County Assessor about reassessment to a lower tax bracket. Unfortunately, he cannot build a road now through wetlands to the area on his property which is buildable.

Phragmites: Nancy Goldberg presented a powerpoint regarding the phragmites county-wide eradication efforts. She recommended that anyone finding this invasive on their property, notify Kari Hagenow of the Door County Invasive Species Taskforce for advice and assistance. Click here to view the Phragmites presentation and for continued updates.

Door County Board Activities: Biz Virlee gave his annual update concerning the following projects: Senior Center, Glidden Drive paving, ARDC, Cave Point parking, Cana Island causeway flooding, airport runway paving, and Dunes Lake dredging. Click here for the Road Report.

Aging in Door County: Sara Buscher reported on a diverse group of individuals beginning to explore the topic: “Aging in Door County.” sponsored by the Community Foundation. There will be small discussion groups to offer input. One discussion group is scheduled for 7/26/2016 at the Tin Plate and residents are welcome to sign up.

Maintenance Committee: Paul Kasriel reported on sign repairs and replacements. Rich Kinka and Darryl von Berg have retired from their previous jobs of sign repair. Herb Klein was recognized for his mowing around the Shivering Sands bridge.

Two members volunteered from the floor to replace retiring Board Members (John Campbell, Fred Schumway, and John Swanson) Frank Lubinski and Dick Buscher. Gary Hanger moved to approve their election, Bill Hensge 2nd. These members were elected to a 3 year term. There is still a vacancy for 1 more Board member.

GDA Board Meeting - February 2, 2016

Members present: Fred Shumway, Chris Comeford, Amy Phimister, Paul Kasriel, Nancy Goldberg, John Campbell, Jerry Schomburg, Jane Hensge, John Swanson Guest: Ward Cramer

Preliminary Discussion:

Ward Cramer updated the Board on the membership database. Currently there are 230 paid members for 2015-2016. Of the propane users, 85 own their own tanks and 56 lease tanks from Lakes. Ward spoke to how fluid email addresses are and that members change emails frequently. There are a few members who do not have email addresses listed, so the Board needs to be aware of those individuals and decide how to communicate with them. Ward recommends that the Directory be published perhaps in September/October instead of January. This would allow inclusion of the most recent address or phone changes. The Board recommended that the deadline for dues will now be May 15th. The incentive for members to timely pay their dues is the discount price for Lakes propane and inclusion in the Directory. Ward agreed to continue his duties in keeping the database. Judy Cramer will (for now at least) arrange for the publishing of the Directory.

Meeting was then brought to order by President Fred at 9:35. Minutes from the December 1, 2015 meeting were approved with the following corrections: Delete Jane Hensge from attendance. Under New Business (4a) spelling should be Lynn. Jerry/Chris moved and seconded, passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dec 1,2015- February 2,2016. Expenses of $1,638.82. Checking balance of $5,409.52. CD account balance of $ $8,023.19. Nancy/Jane, Moved/seconded. Passed

Old Business:

a. Maintenance Committee: Paul reported that Rich Kinka asked to be relieved of the responsibility for the fire signs along the drive. There is one fire warning sign (near Pebble Lane) that is missing. It was suggested that Paul check with Darryl VonBerg or Herb Kline to see if they could construct a sign. Fred will forward the listing of which beach access lanes are the responsibility of GDA to Paul. Paul may gather a committee to help with lane maintenance. Fred suggested that in the future, committee reports will be a separate agenda item.

b. Propane report: Jerry reported that he would like to submit a preliminary estimate of dues-paying members to Lakes Gas by the end of May. He reported that there is some flexibility for late payers to be part of the GDA contracted price. Lakes keeps an updated spread sheet submitted by Jerry.

c. Committee members voiced continued concerns regarding fire danger particularly from beach fires and fireworks. John C. will review and update the current G.D. Visitor Guide which is located on the GDA website. Residents are asked to call the Door County Sheriff if they have concerns. The topic will be reviewed at the next meeting.

d. GDA website: Nancy presented an update. She asked that committee chair persons and President Shumway write updated reports or messages for the website. This will keep information fresh and encourage the membership to view the site frequently. There will be a hyperlink on the home page to the annual renewal form that members can download and return with dues. The email that goes out to members is currently: rhino123. This looks like spam to some members. Nancy will see about changing it to something that would be more familiar. The Board agreed that the newsletter and website should be apolitical (information about school referendums would not be included). GDA is primarily a social organization. Another issue discussed was derelict properties. If residents are concerned, the sheriff should be notified and not the GDA Board.

e. Christmas Party: Feedback was very positive and thanks go out to Jane for all of her efforts. Will look at a way to balance deserts and appetizers next year.

f. Winter Dinner: Currently 53 reservations for the dinner on February 20, 2016(maximum is 55). If late reservations come in, Fred or Jane will check with the Nightingale about setting up extra tables outside of the private room. Board members volunteered to sit at those tables. Jane has planned for 10 table decorations that will be “raffled”off. Cost of the dinner will be $25.

5. New Business

a. GDA Directory- Based on the discussion earlier with Ward Cramer, we will strive to get the directory out in September, closer to the start of our fiscal and membership year. Judy Cramer has been spearheading this project in the past, and if she wants to continue to do this, she has the freedom from the board to use the printer of her choice. If she does not wish to continue, the board will look for an alternative.

b. Welcome back event in the Spring: it was agreed that we should have a welcome back event around end of May. Jane Hensge and Chris Comeford will coordinate. Probable venue will be the Tin Plate. Proposed event to be similar to that which celebrated Paul Sorenson’s retirement party.

6. Other:

Fred discussed briefly a Shoreline bill sponsored by Frank LaSee, our representative, working its way through the legislature that will articulate the property rights of the shoreline residents. This is an issue we should be following for our membership. Chris Comeford noted the increased downed pine and cedar logs and tree debris lying close to the road. She wondered if these were going to be picked up by the Utilities or the township?? No resolution was reached, but it was suggested that Biz Virlee would probably know the status.

Our next meeting: is scheduled for April 5th at 9:00 AM at the Sevastopol town hall. This is Election Day, but we will have access to the room for our meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:05. Motion was introduced by Paul Kasriel and seconded by John Campbell.

Submitted by John Swanson (Secretary) with assistance from Nancy Goldberg