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Reminder:  Membership Dues
Just a reminder from the Glidden Drive Association Treasurer, Amy Phimister.  If you did not yet pay your 2015 dues, please send the $25.00 to the GDS, P.O. Box 261, Sturgeon Bay, Wi  54235.  Click here download the renewal form.

Membership Directory
Wondering why you have not received your 2015-2016 membership directory? This new edition of the directory will not be issued until the end of the calendar year per the GDA board  direction. The membership year runs from June 1 to May 31 (fiscal year).

Save the Date!
GDA Christmas Open House Party on December 5, 2015 at the Sevastopol Town Hall.  Check back here in the future for further details. 

men's Luncheon
The Women's Luncheons are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 12:30pm.  If you are interested in joining the group, please call Barb Malian at 743-2003 or email her at blame@gmail.com for location and to provide her with a  number count.

Men's Coffee and Gab
Join some of your neighbors each Wednesday from 9-10am at the Happy Hour in Valmy.  For $4, you get a bottomless cup of coffee, a donut and lots of camaraderie.  Conversation includes news from the neighborhood, Packers, book recommendations and guy talk.

GDA 50th Anniversary Memory Books
We have a supply of these memory books still available for your asking. Contact Kathy Shumway, GDA Membership Liaison, at 
920-743-8053 or kfshumway@charter.net. These will also be made available at most social events throughout the year. 
President's Message from Fred Shumway
It has been a pleasure working with the 2014/15 GDA Board.  We appreciate their willingness to spend time and talent on the things that needed to be done for your association.  This year Judy Cramer, Dennis Marquardt, and Sue Wehrli ended their 3-year terms.  On behalf of all, I think them for their help and service.  Our three new directors are Chris Comeford, Nancy Goldberg, and Jane Hensge.  After the meeting, the newly constituted board then elected officers for the current year.
The GDA Sumer Picnic at the Sevastopol Town Pavilion was help immediately after the annual membership meeting.  This year it was a well-attended catered pic roast, beautifully orchestrated by Sue Wehrli.  We had great weather, great food, and plenty of visiting time.  Tad Greene's "Last Man Standing" provided the perfect music for the occasion.  Luckily no one was actually crass enough to blow a whistle into the microphone to get the crowd's attention.
On Behalf of the GDA, I wish to offer a huge thank you to Judy and Ward Cramer.  Judy has been our contact person for newsletter articles and materials for our website, followgliddendrive.com.  Ward's laborious creation of a master Excel spreadsheet for GDA membership information is proving most helpful to our association. In addition, both Cramers have worked to produce our annual membership directory.  Thankfully, they changed the formatting for both the directory and the newsletter - quite a demanding task.  Making the necessary changes in the directory from year to year as well as publishing the newsletter will be far easier than it has been in the past.  Thank you Cramers!
As our summer is in full swing, we on Gladden Drive once more find ourselves inundated with the season's demands and pleasures.  Enjoy!