Service Providers

This list has been created by neighbors on Glidden to assist fellow neighbors with local contacts for services. For any information, please contact the service provider or the recommending neighbor. GDA does not endorse, nor have they received anything from any service provider.

Contact Name          Phone # Email     Services Provided Recommended by
Kohl's Property Services 920-857-5962 Caretaker, Handyman,
Cleaning, Lawn and Garden, Snow Removal
Paul and Barb Madsen

Max Bley  mcustomwork@gmail.comLawn and GardenJohn and Deanna Swanson
Joe Nellis920-493-6771 Caretaker, Handyman
Paul and Mary Kay Bergeron
Tim Smith, Lily Bay Sand & Gravel  Snow RemovalFred Shumway
Cassie Gigstead
PhotographerKen Arlen
Jason Gigstead
920-746-9732 Caretaker, Handyman, Snow RemovalKen Arlen
Scott Soucek-Real Man Skills
920-746-1344 Ruth Black
Chad & Kelsie Ladick 920-626-1056
Chad - Handyman
Kelsie - Spring Cleaning        
Scott Fosdick and Kathy Richmond
Tyler Maas920-495-6518 TMaaslandscape@gmail.comBrick patios and driveways, planting beds, stone walls and patios.  Gretchen and John DeCoster
Kevin Laughlin920-559-2569 Chimney SweepGeorge & Kathy Wentz
Dan Haas, Bug Off920-487-2980 Spider SprayingGeorge & Kathy Wentz
The Bee Guy866-233-4482 Bee & Wasp ProblemsGeorge & Kathy Wentz
Dennis Seidl, Seidl Septic920-743-1924  Septic pumpingGeorge & Kathy Wentz
Tom Tanck, Drain Pros 920-495-1098 Drain & septic problemsGeorge & Kathy Wentz
Euclide Well Drilling920-825-7575 Well Services
George & Kathy Wentz
Jim Krause, Peninsula Tree  Service 920-746-8861 Tree removalGeorge & Kathy Wentz
 Marietta Sherman         920-559-1002      Cleaning Service     Leeann Harling