Road Report

The following information was provided by John Kolodziej, Door Co Highway Commissioner, on Sept 8th, 2015, covering the resurface of the south end of Glidden Drive: 

  • We are scheduled to begin the work on CTH T (Glidden Drive) on Thursday, September 15, 2016.
  • The work will begin at the Lilly Bay Creek crossing and ends at approximately 600 north of Deer Path Lane, which is north of the culvert replacement area.
  • The pulverizing machine will be on site to start the process of grinding up the existing roadway. 
  • The grinding work should be completed in one day, and the roadway will be in a gravel road state until we begin grading and compacting in preparation of the new hot mix asphalt surface.
  • The road will be open to traffic during this operation, but motorists will experience loose gravel and need to travel slow, and watch out for construction crews as well.
  • We are planning all work to be completed within about 3 to 4 weeks.”

DC Highway Department Meeting Notes - June 13, 2016

Some interesting topics, but none relevant to GDA at this time.  Talked to John Kolodziej (Commissioner) after the meeting, and addressed a few things:

(1)   The Glidden Drive repaving of the south section will be done no sooner than late summer/early fall.  They will totally replace (dig up and relay) the road from the T entrance (by the saw mill) to a point 600’ north of Deer Path Lane (close to where the culvert was just recently replaced).  The road will “not” be closed to traffic, but delays will be encountered driving around the mess and equipment.  The road will “not” be widened, now or in future construction.  Pot holes on the rest of the drive will be dressed as needed at this time.

(2)   The rumble strips on T approaching the Glidden Drive entrance will “not” be reinstalled.  He stated it is now policy not to install or replace rumble strips (for some various reasons) on any county   roads except when approaching an intersection with a Stop sign.

(3)   Future reconstruction of Glidden Drive will not be scheduled until mid-2018!  It will be done in entirety (rather than separate sections as will be done now), and will encompass the same details as noted above.

(4)   He has agreed to contact me (and Biz) directly when a firm date has been established for the road work.  That way we can get the word out to everyone affected.

(5)   I wanted to get some dates on when mowing would take place on the drive but, as I drove down the drive to go to the meeting, I passed the mowers cutting the shoulders !!!  Oh well, I guess that answers that question.  He stated however that he wouldn’t be able to give advance dates on this subject anyway.

 Reported by:  Jerry Schomburg