The Most Important Plant

The Most Important Plant
Trees make up the largest biomass in the world; they provide more fuel than any other biological matter.Trees remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other plant or human effort: a signifi cant factor in reducing global climate change. Interestingly, the largest forested area in the world is in Siberia.Fuel values of common woods expressed in gallons of number two fuel oil per cord are:

 Ironwood - 150 Black Cherry-100
 White Oak-135 Black Ash-97
 Beech-130 White Pine-80
 Red Oak-126 Poplar-75
 Hard Maple-126 Butternut - 71
 White Ash-117 White Cedar-63
 Soft Maple-110

There is a direct relationship between the dry weight of wood and its fuel value.
Carl Scholz