Glidden Drive Repair

New Information on Glidden Drive Repair

Prior to the December 1st Board Meeting there was an informative discussion regarding the re-paving of Glidden Drive.  Biz Virlee, our County Board representative noticed in the budget that the date for this project had been pushed back to 2018.  He and Tom Girman were concerned, took photos of some particularly bad sections of the roadway, and arranged for John Kolodziej, head of the Highway Department, to meet with us to address this issue.  Leo Zipperer, Sevastopol Chairman, and Dick Shappell were also present.

The process of evaluating county roads was explained as well as the rationale for prioritizing projects, such as traffic volume and balancing projects throughout the county.  And of course the availability of funds is a major factor. 

In a nutshell, our road is beyond needing just an overlay of asphalt.  It will require reconstruction which will include removing old pavement and laying down new asphalt.  This is of course the most costly repair.  Thus the 2018 date for this project.  The long term plans are re-evaluated by the Highway Department each year and it is possible changes may be made.  Additional sources of funds are being explored by the state legislature, but as yet no decisions have been made.

We will continue to monitor the situation, which will include taking new pictures in the spring to assess any further deterioration.  These photos will be forwarded to the Highway Department.  We’ll provide updates as we get them.

Submitted by Christine Comeford