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GDA Holiday Party 
The annual GDA Holiday Party will be on December 2, 2017 at the Sevastopol Town Hall from 5-7pm.  Details to follow, but the DC Chorale will again lead us in carols!  It was a great time last year and we look forward to seeing the hearty DC "Winter-ites" - those brave souls who call DC home during the 'quiet time'  Stay tuned for more details...

Phragmites Update
Several property owners were notified of the identification of Phragmites on their property. A contract has been signed with Jason Wilke for the treatment of these stands. The cost will shared between the township and the property owner. The property owner pays the first $50.00 and the remainder is split 50-50 between the property owner and the township. The county is also beginning the process of treating along the roads.  Hopefully we will see some evidence of their work on the stands along TT and T.  
To see the activities and the most recent newsletter of the Door County Invasive Species Team (DCIST) click here

GDA Annual Picnic
On August 26 more than fifty GDA members got together at Sevastopol pavilion for an afternoon of good food, fun games and great conversation. Thanks to the committee of Jane Hensge, Danny Mantylband and Chris Comeford for making it such a success. The menu planned by Jane through Scarturo's and the games were great hits!!! It was wonderful to see so many participate in flying airplanes across the field! An update on the bike trails through Door County, one that will include Glidden Drive was also presented. So glad to see so many neighbors there!!

Natural Gas Project on Glidden Drive
UPDATE:  09/01/17
In a conversation with the project engineer from WPS, the decision has been made to “cancel" the project. The decision was based on the amount of bedrock just under the surface and lack of right away in which to trench. Best to remain friendly with your propane delivery guys for the foreseeable future.

Thanks to Jerry Schomburg who contacted our supervisor Dan Woelfel for information on the WPS natural gas project on Glidden. Below is what Dan sent to Jerry:

After I had received numerous emails and calls, regarding the WPS contractors working in our area I contacted WPS. I was able to connect with the Natural gas project manager who gave me information on the potential extension of natural gas to our area.

As for natural gas, there is a project in the works. The contractors are doing the groundwork for an assessment as to the feasibility. Eventually their work could result in the installation of natural gas pipeline in our entire area. The scope would include Glidden Dr. to So. Cave Point Rd. Currently, there is not a defined timeline; WPS still has to make the final project decision. Potentially this project could start in 2018.

In the next two weeks, the affected homeowners in our area will receive a postcard from WPS giving them greater information. When the project gets final approval, you will hear directly from WSP regarding details on connecting.

From what I have heard, regarding a similar project that took place on Bayshore Dr. the homeowners got an allowance for installation of the service to their home. I do not know what that allowance was. It appears to be something in the range of the first XXX number of feet at no charge and then the remaining distance has an installation cost. We will have to wait for more information.

So, do not sell your generator and be kind to the propane delivery guy...he will be around for a while.       Dan Woelfel

Membership Renewal
Just a reminder that the annual GDA membership ends on May 31, 2017. In order to facilitate the propane contract renewal, it is very helpful to have everyone renew as soon as possible. Renewing early ensures that you will be part of the propane contract for the very competitive price of gas. To do so, click HERE to fill our the electronic membership renewal form.  Complete the form and mail in your $25 and you are set. Also, please fill out the form COMPLETELY to ensure that all your information appears in the directory. Any questions, contact us at our email address at 

Whitefish Dunes Summer Event Schedule
Click here for the Whitefish Dunes Summer Event Schedule.  

Shivering Sands Master Plan
The DNR has written a Draft copy of how they see the Shivering Sands SNA managed for the next 20 years. If anyone wants input into the process, they need to email, write, or call Thomas Meyer at the DNR and make comments. The deadline for comments is March 10th, so people need to respond quickly.
Draft Master Plan:

Email Comments to: or call Thomas Meyer at 608-266-0394. You may also mail him:
Thomas Meyer
Wisconsin DNR, NHC/6
PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707

Maintenance Committee
At long last, the missing Arrowhead Lane sign has been replaced. Jim Huhta made the new sign. He and Jim Bornhoffen installed it. I did what I do best -- watched. The committee will be doing an assessment of the drive in Spring. Please let us know of any issues near your property. Paul Kasriel, GDA Maintenance Liaison

Nature Conservancy Activities
Our neighbors, the Nature Conservancy, have highlighted their activities for the year.  Click here to see the full article.

Fire Safety
As we hopefully anticipate the warm summer months, please remember to practice fire safety.  Small beach fires are legal without a permit, but PLEASE use caution!  For complete details review the Guidelines For Guests and Renters (applies to us homeowners, too!!) under the Bylaws tab.

Aging in Door County
Join our Glidden Drive conversation to share your ideas about growing older with the Door County Community Foundation. They will be using our feedback along with others’ from similar meetings to develop a future vision of growing older in Door County. They hope to provide momentum for many local organizations and citizen groups to realize parts of this future vision. Click here for more information.

Noxious Weeds
Please click here for updated information on dealing with invasive Phragmites and to view the full Power Point presentation given at the July GDA meeting.


In a conversation with the project engineer from WPS, the decision has been made to “cancel" the project. The decision was based on the amount of bedrock just under the surface and lack of right away in which to trench. Best to remain friendly with your propane delivery guys for the foreseeable future.

(08/11/17 Sara B.)
The Senior Bowling League at Apple Valley Lanes in Sturgeon Bay is about to start a new season.
This is a fun league. No experience is required. If you are interested, come to the League meeting on August 25 at 1 pm. Free bowling follows the league meeting. League bowling starts on September 8 at 1 pm to about 3:30 pm and every Friday afternoon until spring.

Wednesday, August 15 at 7pm, in Baileys Harbor Town Hall, Mariah Goode will present, "New Shoreland Zoning Regulation for Door County Towns". Mariah is the Director, Door County Land Services. She will discuss the local consequences of changes in State regulations, passed last year, so you may be familiar with the topic. About the speaker: Mariah Goode has been Director of the Door County Land Use Services (formerly “Planning”) department since 2006. She also worked for the department for four years in the 1990s. In between, she did land use planning and organizational consulting in Door County for six years. Mariah lives in Baileys Harbor with her husband and two sons.

PROPANE UPDATE (Jerry S. 06/30/17)  
Contract negotiations are still ongoing due to internal Lakes Gas administrative issues. But the following partial quote from our negotiators is provided:
"The existing contract will be extended until October 1, 2017. Lakes Gas will use their best efforts to keep the tank full going into the heating season. On October 1, 2017, Lakes Gas will send out a new contract with a price based on the January cost of gas. This will remain in effect until the end of the contract period, May 31, 2018.” Update will be provided at a later date

TIN PLATE SUMMER HOURS (Holly and Anne 6/7/17)
We're open for business!  Hours for the Summer are:  
Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  (serving food a little later on Fridays and Saturdays). Please note we are serving lunch and dinner only this year.

RUSTIC ROAD ARTICLE - (Ginny Z. 5/21/17)
I found this fascinating story online today, from Madison. The Rustic Road system, of which Glidden Drive is a part, is one to be admired, letting those that drive such a road that the past is still a big part of the present. Click here to read the whole article.  

There was an attempted break-in along Glidden Drive this week. The police were called.  Just a friendly reminder to report any suspicious activity to the police, ensure that security systems are in place and notify your caretaker to be extra vigilant.

NEXT DOOR APP AND WEBSITE - (Larry M. 05/07/2017)  
A friend told me about the site “Next Door” which has an app as well as a web site ( and I created a community site for all of the Glidden Drive residents to have active conversations, broadcast lost and found, crime activity, sell/swap things, share news, etc. The site is: and people can sign up at:  We need to get 9 members signed up in the next 6 days to keep that sight active or we need to start all over.

DISCUSS DOOR COUNTY FINAL REPORT REVIEW AND RECEPTIONThe community is invited to a reception to release the Final Report of Discuss Door County:Growing Older in Door County. The reception will be held on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 at Hope United Church of Christ in Sturgeon Bay from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Click HERE for more information.

AGING IN DOOR COUNTY UPDATES (Sara Buscher 04/06/17)
The Door County Community Foundation will soon be issuing its Final Report on the Aging Project.  Click here for an excerpt from their website.

Womens Luncheon
The Women's Luncheons are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 12:30pm. If you are interested in joining the group, please call Barb Mallien at 743-2003 or email her at for location and to provide her with a number count.

Men's Coffee and Gab

Join some of your neighbors each Wednesday from 9-10am at the Happy Hour in Valmy. For $4, you get a bottomless cup of coffee, a donut and lots of camaraderie. Conversation includes news from the neighborhood, Packers, book recommendations and guy talk.

We Need Your Help!
We have an operational Maintenance committee headed by Paul Kasriel. They request your help in identifying signs on the drive or the lanes in need of repair. Please contact GDA at: GDAnews2015@gmail.  The messages will be forwarded to Paul. Thanks for your help in keeping Glidden Drive in order. We are bothered by petty vandalism at times. If you notice these acts as they are occurring, please notify the Door County sheriff. 

Meet The New Member
Click here to for an article about our newest members.

Membership Directory
The new edition of the GDA directory was mailed out in early October 2016.